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Murphy’s Hockey Law Podcast Ep. 10 – Tom Fitzgerald



In the latest Murphy’s Hockey Law Podcast, host Jimmy Murphy and producer Blake Thorne welcomed New Jersey Devils General Manager Tom Fitzgerald on the podcast to speak on the Devils leading into the 2023-24 NHL season and much more!

Murphy’s Hockey Law Episode 10 is out now!


3:30 – Tom describes how his European scouts navigated scouting throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

5:30 – Tom speaks on the young players that have stood out in his eye during his tenure as general manager.

6:30 – Tom talks about Jesper Bratt and negotiating his contract.

9:00 – Jimmy and Tom speak about the arbitration process and how players need to navigate it with thick skin.

Tom: ” When things don’t go right for a player, it’s a high intense area, that locker room. So you have to really have thick skin…I don’t like the process personally because it can get a little tumultuous, but it’s never personal.”

11:30 – Tom speaks on early moments in his general managing career where players stood out to the organization.

Tom: “I think my team has done a pretty good job checking the boxes on the things we said we were going to do and sticking to a game plan. I think that’s why we are seeing, again, some success on paper, some buzz in the air…We really feel like we did what we said we were going to do.”

15:30 – Tom touches on how the organization stays on course with its game plan and keeps the players on course.

19:30 – Tom discusses what he thinks a team needs to go through to succeed.

21:00 – Tom speaks on the Devils’ weaknesses throughout his tenure in the front office.

25:30 – Tom speaks on who has helped him throughout his career following professional hockey.

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