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Murphy’s Hockey Law Podcast Ep. 12 – Pete Blackburn



Boston Bruins

In the latest Murphy’s Hockey Law Podcast, host Jimmy Murphy and producer Blake Thorne bring Pete Blackburn on the show to speak on the Boston Bruins, NHL teams on the rise, where Patrick Kane might land, and many more topics surrounding the 2023-24 NHL season!

Murphy’s Hockey Law Episode 12 with Pete Blackburn is out now!

1:30 – Jimmy and Pete discuss the idea of joint practices in the NHL and how it would be much different compared to the NFL.

Jimmy: “(Milan) Lucic was like, ‘No, no, no, no man. We’ll all get hurt because we’ll kill each other.'”

3:50 – Jimmy and Pete discuss the NHL salary cap, which has recently been announced that it will go up moving forward.

5:00 – Pete gives his takes on the Boston Bruins training camp and who he has high hopes for in the 2023-24 season.

6:45 – Jimmy and Pete discuss the young guys standing out in the Bruins’ 2023-24 preseason.

8:45 – Pete gives his takes on where teams will fall in the Atlantic division this coming season. Pete seems high on the Buffalo Sabres in 2023-24.

Pete: “I know the Bruins have taken a step backward, but I think a lot of people are writing their death certificate a little bit too early here. They’re still a good team, especially on the backend.”

10:45 – Blake gets Pete to talk about Fabian Lysell and how he is being talked about online.

15:10 – Pete speaks on the Ottawa Senators and where they stand going into the 2023-24 season.

20:30 – Pete and Jimmy discuss the Western Conference and who is trending up and down.

24:30 – Pete touches on why he thinks the Calgary Flames will have a much different season than they did last year.

27:00 – Jimmy and Pete talk about where the Arizona Coyotes stand.

Pete: “That team is going to make a statement that they are no longer a joke. If anything, that’s where they need to start because they have been a joke for a little bit.”

28:10 – Pete gives his thoughts on Logan Cooley and other rookies to watch out for this season.

29:50 – Pete and the guys talk about where Patrick Kane will land this season.

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