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BHN Puck Links: More Trade Chatter for DeBrusk, Boston Bruins



Let’s jump into to perhaps the dopiest thing that Hockey Twitter has ever had its collective nose bent out of joint about concerning the Boston Bruins. Winger Jake DeBrusk and his camp have very publicly requested a trade from the Bruins team that drafted him in the first round back in 2015. Given that the info came out of Edmonton it’s very clear where the leak came from and that it’s obviously designed to put pressure on Don Sweeney and the Boston Bruins to find DeBrusk a new NHL landing spot quickly.

Conversely, I don’t think the Bruins are in any hurry to deal him unless they get value in return and that’s not going to happen until DeBrusk actually plays up to his level on the ice.

Despite all of this, DeBrusk has declined invitations to speak to the Boston Bruins media about this in each of the last two days. He doesn’t have to speak, of course, but remaining silent about it has forced his teammates and coaches to answer for him about his individual situation, which is never ideal from the team dynamic.

So, I tweeted about it on Wednesday and DeBrusk’s mom Cindy (who I’ve actually chatted with a few times and is incredibly nice) responded to it by tweeting at me about the situation.

Totally fair for her to do that in defense of her son and I sent a respectful response to her articulating the media’s side of the issue.

That was that. All good, right?

Nope, Hockey twitter decided to get involved with all kinds of inappropriate messages filled with grade school insults and graphic language, and unfortunately DeBrusk’s mom was included in all of it by a blind outrage mob too intent on leaping (or attacking, more specifically) before they looked. So I have locked that conversation this morning on twitter out of respect for Cindy DeBrusk, who most certainly had no idea her twitter mentions would blow up filled with mouth-breathing idiots tweeting their blockheaded thoughts about it from all over the social media universe.

That’s why none of you can have nice things on Hockey Twitter.

The astounding detail about the whole thing is this belief, largely held by 20-somethings on twitter still living at their parent’s house, that two grown-ass adults can’t have a civil conversation on twitter that isn’t “an argument” or somebody “taking on” somebody else. This was two people expressing their thoughts and then moving on. It’s called discourse.

Am I not allowed to respectfully respond to somebody that literally first reached out to me in my mentions? Seriously, that’s what you people are saying? The only interlopers here arguing and trespassing are the hundreds of space-wasters that decided to uselessly pile on afterward.

It’s lame-brained to believe that there’s some line that was crossed there. Also, memo to people that think social media is reality: Nobody that’s an actual adult cares one iota about being “ratioed.”

The only people that crossed the line were, as I mentioned, the hockey twitter hordes that tried to drum up some kind of outrage after the fact. Lame and completely soft on their account. As Brad Marchand wisely said the other day, people are getting really soft if this is what they’re going over the edge about. Anyway, on to the next stupid thing Hockey Twitter gets worked up about.

Now onto the BHN Puck Links:

*It truly does feel like the Boston Bruins are going to be in for a rough ride over the next few weeks as a Brad Marchand suspension, potential COVID outbreaks at the NHL and AHL level, a Jake DeBrusk trade request and some top-flight opponents are dead ahead. It could ugly over the next few games for the Black and Gold. (Boston Hockey Now)

*With Patrick Roy expressing interest in the GM post with the Montreal Canadiens, Adrian Dater says it would be a good thing for the fiery, Hall of Fame ex-Colorado Avalanche coach to get back involved with the NHL. (Colorado Hockey Now)

*Who is going to be the tough guy for the Vegas Golden Knights after Ryan Reaves vacated that spot to go to the New York Rangers this season? (Vegas Hockey Now)

*Could things be starting to come together for the San Jose Sharks after their most complete effort of the season against the New Jersey Devils? FOH (Friend of Haggs) Sheng Peng would like to know. (San Jose Hockey Now)

*A woman apparently used her prosthetic leg to bash people during a brawl at a Vegas Golden Knights game. That is old time hockey right there. (New York Post)

*Man, look at the silky mitts on this guy.

*We follow that up with takeaways from Wednesday night’s action from FOH (Friend of Haggs) Scott Cullen, who says that Auston Matthews might get 50 goals this year. (Toronto Hockey Now)

*Interesting thoughts from Max Pacioretty on the shelf life for every Canadiens player in Montreal because of the frenzied intensity, environment and significant pressure on the players there. He’s not wrong. (Montreal Gazette)

*Speaking of Jake DeBrusk earlier, here’s a look at some trade scenarios concerning the dozen or more teams that have expressed interest in him. (Pucks with Haggs)

*For something completely different: Hawkeye is getting pretty great on Disney+ with a lot of hints that a certain villain will be showing up. Love it. (Hollywood Reporter)

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Rick W Murray

The bruins are toast tonight, they just don’t have a very good team. Terrible goaltending, one effective line and the most valuable member is suspended, suspect defence. I can’t see them winning tonight when they can’t even beat the hapless Red Wings the other night.

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