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Boston Bruins’ Marchand Engages In Hilarious Warmup Standoff



Boston Bruins

The puck hadn’t even dropped yet on the Friday night tilt between the Boston Bruins and New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden, and players from both teams were locked into heated competition. This time it was an epic standoff between Brad Marchand and Mika Zibanejad at the end of warm-ups as both players wanted to be the last guy off the ice.

It was as hilarious as it was a nice showcase of exactly how stubborn both players were being in trying to wait each other out as it lasted for over seven amazing minutes.

Traditionally Marchand always waits to be the last guy off the ice after warm-ups whenever he’s playing, and this time both Marchand and Zibanejad spent precious long minutes waiting for the other one to blink. It got to the point that Zibanejad was even taping up his sticks while waiting on the ice with the always-willing-to-agitate Marchand at the other end of the ice.

Eventually and hilariously, the two players decided a game of rock-paper-scissors would determine would be the last player standing, and Zibanejad won that contest before giving Marchand a dismissive wave off the ice.

The real winners in all of this: The rest of us watching as this was a pretty hilarious standoff during pregame warm-ups that are routinely, well, boring. Credit Marchand for once again spicing things up for the Boston Bruins and being the ultimate entertainer for the rest of us in this most abnormal NHL season.

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