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Bruins Daily: Bruins Lose More Than Game Saturday; NHL Rumors



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The Boston Bruins lost 2-1 to the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday night but more importantly, in the 31 hours leading into that game, they lost the respect of the NHL and plenty of fans for signing convicted racist and bully Mitchell Miller.

That and NHL news from our National Hockey Now network, and the latest in NHL trade and free agent rumors in the latest Boston Hockey Now Bruins Daily:

Boston Bruins

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman blasted the Boston Bruins for signing Mitchell Miller and not even consulting with him or the league before doing so. He also made it very clear that it will be a long time before Miller is allowed to play in the NHL. …if he ever is. I seriously have never respected Bettman more than I do after that!

Boston Bruins captain Patrice Bergeron is not happy with the Mitchell Miller signing because it goes against all he and former captain Zdeno Chara tried to build over the last 15 years.

Per Jeff Marek on 32 Thoughts during Hockey Night In Canada on Saturday night, there’s still not even a guarantee that Miller will play in the AHL. League commissioner Scott Howson had this to say to Marek on the topic:

“I need to meet with him to find out information from him firsthand,” Howson told Marek. “I only know what has been said through the media or anecdotally. This will begin the process of me finding out what he has learned, what he has been doing to improve as a person and what he will continue to do to make himself a better person. I will decide next steps after I meet with him.”

Marek’s co-host Elliotte Friedman made it clear that the league and many around it, are not happy with the Boston Bruins and their reputation could be tarnished forever.

Oh yeah, the Boston Bruins played a game on Saturday night and as expected, looked quite distracted early on. I wonder why? Here’s the BHN Talking Points from Haggs after a 2-1 loss for the Bruins to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

National Hockey Now

NYI: The New York Islanders‘ five-game win streak came to a screeching halt Saturday in a 3-0 loss to the Detroit Red Wings.

PGH: For the second time in a week, the Pittsburgh Penguins lost to the Seattle Kraken but somehow, veteran defenseman Kris Letang isn’t worried.

PHI: The Philadelphia Flyers beat their former captain, Claude Giroux and the Ottawa Senators 2-1 on Saturday.

WSH: The Washington Capitals lost 3-2 to the Arizona Coyotes and put a cloud over another Alex Ovechkin milestone.

FLA: We’re just over a month into the 2022-23 season but so far the Florida Panthers are winning the trade that landed them Matthew Tkachuk over the summer.

DET: Here’s the perspective from the side of the Detroit Red Wings after goalie Ville Jusso earned his second shutout of the season in the win over the Islanders.

DAL: Dallas Stars captain Jamie Benn got the hat trick and the Dallas Stars snapped the Edmonton Oilers’ winning streak with a 6-2 win.

COL: The Colorado Avalanche swept their two-game set with the Columbus Blue Jackets with a 5-1 win in Finland.

VGK: The Vegas Golden Knights held on for their seventh straight win and beat the Montreal Canadiens 6-4 at the Bell Centre on Saturday.

LAK: Los Angeles Kings center Quinton Byfield is back practicing with the team and closing in on a return to the lineup.

SJS: Anaheim Ducks forward Trevor Zegras still wants to apologize to San Jose Sharks defenseman Matt Benning for a spearing incident this past week.

Canada Hockey Now

MTL: Montreal Canadiens forward Josh Anderson could be facing supplemental discipline after receiving a five-minute major for boarding Vegas Golden Knights defenseman Alex Pietrangelo.

CGY: The Calgary Flames were looking to get through their game with the New Jersey Devils last night and get out of dodge.





With 20 years of experience (SiriusXM NHL Network Radio, ESPNBoston, NESN,, etc.) covering the Bruins, the NHL, NCAA and junior hockey and more, Jimmy Murphy’s hockey black book is full of Hall of Famers, current players, coaches, management, scouts and a wide array of hockey media personalities that have lived in and around this great game. For 17 of his 20 years as a hockey and sports reporter, Murph covered the Bruins on essentially a daily basis covering their victorious 2011 Stanley Cup run and their 2013 run to the Final as well. Murphy has hosted national and local radio shows and podcasts and also has experience in TV as well.

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So much of what makes the Bruins what they’ve been the past decade or more is pride in being a Boston Bruin. How great the “room” is. Playing the right way, led and enforced by a dedicated group of veterans. How stupid are Sweeney and Neely. to allow this signing to be such a distraction to a team that was mowing its way through the NHL? An historic start to this, perhaps Bergy and Krejci’s last season. Only to have it marred by such a signing of such ridiculously bad judgement, people are already saying it could irreparably harm the… Read more »


You’re a drama Queen. It will have no affect on the team or players


Um …Toronto was pretty good and as Hockey night in Canada pointed out desperate for an at home win. EXPLAIN OTTAWA? Teams never undefeated all season. Ebbs and flow…


I agree with George. My understanding is most sportswriters are effette girly men who never played sports themselves and it appears Mutphy who wrote this falls in that category. Jimmy – you never did anything stupid when you were growing up ?


Best pick up line ever….


They’ve come out flat a couple of times this season, as teams tend to do from time to time. It’s just as probable that they were simply due for a let down game since they haven’t lost in 2 weeks. Their reputation isn’t tarnished forever, jfc

Scuba Steve

There is no Ocean Front property in Nevada and their is no story here.

It was breakouts, we weren’t very clean and our puck decision through the neutral zone when we wanted to establish a forecheck, which we weren’t able to do. We’ll take two out of three in the three barns we went into on this trip, for sure.” –Boston Bruins head coach Jim Montgomery to NESN after the Saturday night loss in Toronto.

Patrice said, if he’s the same 14 year old kid, he won’t be here.


Thank you for paying attention.
..and good analysis


George….I thing you misspelled drag…and if he is he is fine. Orrfan is a sick individual thinking his cute play on his moniker is ok with orphans and those that have experiences with orphans….. it’s not. He should be banned for bullying my kind by using his sick nick name. This individual is banned from calling in to most radio station because he is part of that group that always want to have a coach…GM. President fired. (Pats/Bruins /Celts/Sox). Frankly it’s time to stop the bullying of coach’s and GMs. End the verbal attack on Coach’s and GMs before some… Read more »


I do hope the Bruins have an outstanding season ,maybe and that’s a big maybe win the cup and that’s only for the guys on the ice , as for management Neely and Sweeney most of all I’m done, Bergy and Krejci are the only reason I still cheer for them. I’ll never buy merchandise again, I’ll never go to a game again and cancel my hockey network. Bruins management is an embarrassment to the fans and the league. Worst ownership and GM ever . 👎🤬


Whatever happened to redemption and 2nd chances ?!?! The kid was 14 an immature child and now he’s the anti christ? If he’s truly remorseful he deserves a second chance – I don’t support bullying nor racism of course but it’s a persons life supposed to be ruined forever because at 14 he made a very, very bad decision? He should be given a second chance and judged on who he is now … typically the people rushing to cancel and throw stones should look in the mirror as I am sure they have said or done very stupid things… Read more »


Thank goodness for your reply. These are just more examples social justice warriors trying to extend cancel culture into sports. 14 year olds are juveniles. They have separate court system for them. There are reasons they can’t drink. Can’t drive to 16…. Can’t vote…..are not mentally fit to kill in the military. Maybe if he came out and said he was thinking of transitioning post NHL the woke liberal mob would quit trying to destroy his life……these the same people trying to let murderers out prison early? Everything woke turns to shit.


But a college will look at their grades and accomplishments or lack thereof


Morons just can’t move on. They will have to beat this subject death for the next 8 years, just like they do the 2015 draft.


What makes you think he deserves a second chance? He only apologized to the kid after the bruins made him do it as part of the deal. He never took responsibility for anything or apologized for any of it before that. I’m all for second chances, but only if he deserves one.


Having plenty of time I read the court transcripts…he followed his lawyers instructions. It’s a legal thing you probably wouldn’t under stand….but I watch a lot of law and order so I know these things. My parole officer tells me monthly
…”Tommy we all deserve a second chance” and the criminal justice system is based on reforming the individual.


We all did an said stupid things, but everyone I grew up with (even the bullies) knew that tricking someone into eating candy that was wiped in a urinal was going too far. We all regret things we did or said as teenagers, but by all accounts his only regret is how it has impacted his life, not how his actions impacted others.
Until I see proof of that, i will continue to believe he has no place in the Bruins organization.


He was a 14 year old kid. If he would of killed someone at 14 there wouldn’t be this much negativity. Everyone deserves a second chance in life. Especially a 14 year old kid.


You get it. Who’s agenda do they want to push by cancelling this young man’s life? What’s really going on here….how is it going with the Whole we need more Blacks in the NHL. How about if you can play you can play. Oh!!!! I get it. If he started a foundation or something… to autism research….started an anti bullying foundation. Yeah that do it


Are culture is not going to change.”. “He is going to put in the work to better himself” “If he was the same 14 year old he wouldn’t be here” Patrice Bergeron. This is what the people here are saying. ……common sense is getting more common.


I just don’t understand why so many people have gone nuts now, the boy was only 14 at the time give the boy a second chance you all gave a Bruins player a second chance. When he went out after a game got drunk got into a car accident and someone die, everyone should have a second chance


What if it was your child that was being made fun of and bullied . I’m 62 yrs old with cerebral palsy back in the 70’s I was bullied and I still think about it, it doesn’t just go away.


You have held onto it and kept your own self in prison then. Learn to forgive. Set yourself free. Learn what….. What do most people think of you? They don’t. They think of themselves. Forgive your bullets… your life. Not what someone else defined for you.


You are giving the bullies a space in your head after all these years. Forgive them and let yourself out of your own imprisonment of your thoughts.


It was more than 1 incident, he hasn’t shown remorse for his victim, only how his actions have impacted himself. I’m not opposed to second chances, but you have to earn those. Nothing in the media has shown he has earned a second chance, and until I see something along those lines i think all fans have a right to be upset about this.
The optics are terrible.


“Nothing in the media “…. you mean project.mockimg.bird where all the media says the same thing over and over… so you must believe it? Consider freethinking. Or taking an opposing point of view to the media in your mind as an exercise to see how controlled your thoughts are……what do YOU yourself believe as a natural law fact without the media telli g you how to think

Kevin L

Wherever this Miller character goes — SEND NEELY AND HIS LAP DOG, SWEENEY, WITH HIM.

Last edited 23 days ago by Kevin L

He is a very young man and not a character. Oh I see that’s your whole woke ideology…character…lapdog. essentially calling Sweeney a bully promoter. Boston people quit with this whole media influenced division. Let the kid have a second chance…..let him prove himself…


These are just more examples social justice warriors trying to extend cancel culture into sports. Had a different option…cancel him. All the woke souls crying about injustices. 14 year olds are juveniles. They have separate court system for them. There are reasons they can’t drink. Can’t drive to 16…. Can’t vote…..are not mentally fit to kill in the military. Maybe if he came out and said he was thinking of transitioning post NHL …. And he wouldn’t rule out the possibly playing for the womens national team the woke liberal mob would quit trying to destroy his adult life……these same… Read more »


I remember When Patrice Bergeron was so young the Bruins Traded for Marty LaPointe to guard him on and more importantly off the ice. To help the young man grow. Bergeron should relish the opportunity to be a mentor and a compass in this young man’s life that is now only slightly older than Bergeron when he received guidance along the way. Repair Restore Redemption ……give him the 2nd chance that everyone deserves……and quit manipulating the fan base emotions ……I wouldnt be surprised if Bruins management never gave you a second chance interview ever again after this poison was spilled.… Read more »


Patrice Bergeron is upset as it goes against everything he……..please post his comment on that. Sounds made up. But hey you got me to subscribe. Where was Patrice when Cassidy bullied and shamed DeBrusk so bad he wanted out of town?


“Are culture is not going to change.”. “He is going to put in the work to better himself” “If he was the same 14 year old he wouldn’t be here” Patrice Bergeron. Fact check burn. This is what the people here are saying.


Jim always finds a way to inject sanctimonious social justice lectures into his writing – it’s nauseating. Over time everyone will stop reading this garbage and get their Bruins news elsewhere. We get enough lecturing every day. We do not need it in our sports – the kid was 14. You have ZERO IDEA whether he is remorseful or not, Jim. Plenty of people make empty apologies, but are they genuinely sorry? Do you think Kyrie is truly repentant? Please, he just said what the mob wanted to hear. So if the kid apologized to the family, you’d be cool… Read more »


“Are culture is not going to change.”. “He is going to put in the work to better himself” “If he was the same 14 year old he wouldn’t be here” Patrice Bergeron. This is what the people here are saying. Is that bullying intimidation speach “ya” “smart guy”. Oooh Cancell Jimmy! Personally I’d have used “”how about dem apples”. No that is wrong. People make mistakes. Where is Perry Mason when you need him.


I’m not a big Sweeney fan , and being a Bruins fan for over 60 years , l’m proud of Sweeney for trying to help this young man . And the ones who saying all these negative things about this young man who did some negative things when he was only 14 ( NOW WHO’S THE BULLY NOW )


You nailed it. Well said. Why did Marty LaPointe mentor Patrice Bergeron. Youth needs to be pointed in the right direction!


No ….I know some hockey Jimmy. Would you like to come live with me for a year. The horror! ********the Boston Bruins. Lapointe, 30, has taken 18-year-old Patrice Bergeron, the youngest player in the league, under his wing. Bergeron is not only Lapointe’s protégé, a fellow Quebecker and his linemate, but he moved in with Lapointe, his wife Tania and their children in the Boston suburb of Andover. “I thought it would be a good idea,” said Lapointe, who approached Bergeron about the concept in training camp. “Here was a guy in a new city, a new league and spoke… Read more »

John Miller

This country has a justice system. This young man committed a crime and he paid his dues for it. You all are traitors to this country for the way you continue to punish him. Moreover you have failed to be “forgiving” towards your fellow man. You should be ashamed.


What ain’t no country I ever hear of. Do they speak English in What?….. Lawyers. What are you going to do? If they have a court and it defines or limits the sentence then we live with it……we don’t stand out side with pitch forks and fire……the court decides justice…or did I miss something?


This just proves how stupid the front office is òf the Boston Bruins it’s time to fire Neely and Sweeney complete frickin idiots signing a piece of _ _ it in Mitchell Miller that kid DOESN’T DESERVE TO PLAY IN THE LEAGUE PERIOD


I agree what Miller did was irrehencable. By what has been written he has grown, apologized. He must apologize to his victims to be truly regretfully. I hope he was a young adolescent still growing learning? It’s only been in the last 5 years have we begin to teach about the bullying in our schools with 0 tolerance. Prior it wasn’t as condoned. What I’m trying to say is, not just him but others if they have truly learned, Is involved in this area of life to help others who are bullied by teaching the cost of bullying. We need… Read more »

Last edited 22 days ago by Sam

I’m not condoning what Miller did but almost every kid was bullied at one time or another and the vast majority turned out fine. He was 14 years old and made a mistake. The hypocrisy in pro sports is unbelievable. Craig MacTavish kills a woman in a drunk driving crash and a year later, he’s back in the NHL and goes on to win the Stanley Cup but Miller bullies a kid and can’t play. Ridiculous!


Sports correctness…..

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