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NHN Podcast Ep. 5: Was Flyers’ Gaffe Reflective Of Sports Media?




In the latest National Hockey Now Podcast, host Jimmy Murphy welcomed Greg Wyshynski of ESPN NHL and Austin Stanovich of LA Hockey Now.

Jimmy Murphy and Greg Wyshynski jumped right into the social media mess that the Philadelphia Flyers found themselves in this past week but also what it symbolizes NHL and sports-wide.

While the embarrassing social media flop for the Philadelphia Flyers certainly didn’t help kickstart the team’s rebuild and re-branding, was there a much stronger and more critical undercurrent reflecting the current sports and NHL media landscape in this latest Flyers gaffe?

“It’s not,” Wyshynski agreed when Murphy pointed out the instant negative PR this had for the Flyers. “But the context of that, the actual line was ‘How many times is SHE going to ask the same effin question?’ and that’s part of it too. We’re dealing with a media landscape where women often don’t feel welcome, to begin with when they walk in a press box, and now when one asks, like what you said, is a pretty benign question, it gets smacked back by the social media team on mic was kind of underscoring the problematic nature of the whole situation.”

‘Wysh’ and Murph continued to discuss the Philadelphia Flyers, trying to figure out what direction the team wants to go with their rebuild and re-branding, as well as the status of Flyers goalie Carter Hart. That led to the overall NHL goalie market and why it wasn’t as explosive. The conversation then turned into some Edmonton Oilers and Colorado Avalanche chatter while being interrupted by the Alex Galnchenyuk news, which broke during the Thursday recording.

Stanovich and Murphy continued the goalie market reaction and segued it into what the Kings signing Cam Talbot means for the Kings and the entire NHL.

“Not too surprised,” Satnovich replied when Murphy asked him if he was surprised by the Talbot signing. “I think that [Jonas] Korpisalo contract he signed in Ottawa, when you see it, I kind of get why the Kings steered clear of that. I don’t think they were ready to commit that kind of term and that kind of money on Korpisalo just yet.

They were linked to Hellebucyk; I don’t think they were ever too interested just because he’s got one year left, and then after this year, you’re signing a 30-plus goalie to a big contract. I don’t think that they had any interest, and I just don’t know if they were too worried about going out and getting an elite superstar. I don’t think they need that 2012 [Jonathan] Quick style that’s gotta carry them to the Cup anymore. I don’t think they view the NHL that way anymore. I think they look at it more like Vegas, where if you build a team in front of that goalie that’s going to be able to dominate play, you’re going to be fine.”

Note: Thanks to producer Blake Thorne for working his magic in a pinch to produce this episode!

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