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McLaughlin Headlines Boston Bruins Training Camp Cuts



BRIGHTON, MA – The Boston Bruins announced their last significant group of training camp roster cuts ahead of the weekend, and there were a few surprises on the list based on the way preseason played out.

Former Boston College captain Marc McLaughlin was the biggest surprise after an admittedly “great camp” with the Boston Bruins that included an assist in Wednesday night’s 5-4 win over the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden.

McLaughlin had teamed with Jack Studnicka and AJ Greer to be a very effective energy line during the entirety of camp and looked effective skating with Studnicka and Jake DeBrusk against the Blueshirts as well.

Certainly, McLaughlin’s status as a player that doesn’t require waivers played into his demotion to the AHL, even if Boston Bruins head coach Jim Montgomery said there’s also some development left to his game as well.

“He had a great camp. We’re really happy with his development. There are certain areas of his game we really want him to focus on down in Providence. Details, physicality & stuff,” said Montgomery. “His offensive production, his tenacity on pucks & ability to score…all of that has shown thru

“He’s going to be a big part of our future. We also have great depth, you know? So right now, it’s what we think is best for the Boston Bruins moving forward.”

Interestingly, Jakub Lauko is still with the NHL club at this point as a player with great skating speed, physicality and the ability to finish off the occasional offensive play.

Likewise former first round picks Johnny Beecher and Fabian Lysell were also returned to Providence ahead of the final exhibition game with Keith Kinkaid, Joona Koppanen, Vinni Lettieri and Dan Renouf placed on waivers while Jack Ahcan and Kyle Keyser were also outright sent down to the AHL.

The flurry of roster transactions leaves the Boston Bruins with 25 skaters on the practice ice including injured B’s Taylor Hall and Matt Grzelcyk, who were both wearing no-contact jerseys at Thursday’s practice at Warrior Ice Arena. Here are the line combos and D-pairings from Wednesday’s practice with Anton Stralman also still around after seemingly earning a contract with his play during the preseason:










Linus Ullmark

Jeremy Swayman


Joe Haggerty has covered the Boston Bruins and the NHL for 18 years with NBC Sports Boston,, the Boston Metro and the Woburn Daily Times, and currently serves as lead Bruins reporter and columnist for Boston Hockey Now. Haggs always strives to capture the spirt of the thing any way that he can.

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Michael D Leavitt

These guys….Beecher, Lysell and Mclaughlin were never going to make the roster, they could’ve scored a million goals in training camp and not made it. This was always about salaries and waiver eligibility. When you have underachievers like Nosek and Foligno on your roster make far more, their always going to get preference. It’s not about talent alone. Why else is someone like Greer and Studnicka still vying for a roster spot? Neither of them have outperformed Mclaughlin or Beecher for that matter.


It ALWAYS is, Michael. The B’s aren’t unique in this regard. Let the Boston and Providence seasons begin – it’s good to know we have good prospects available when we need them.


Oooo,prospects available while we lose games in the early season.Good idea.


Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


Things will shake out during the first few months of the season. Think about this: very few rookies play for the big club right out of training camp. Patience is required. Relax.


One of the “supposed” reasons for Cassidy being ousted was his refusal to give younger players an opportunity and the Bruins are going into this season with almost the same exact stale, boring and emotionless team as they finished last year’s lame season with. Lol it’s a joke. Cassidy wasn’t the problem. Sweeney is the problem.


The Coach makes his roster from all available players, Not the GM. They got over 100 points, how is that boring…? What a ridiculous comment.


And for you to think that the GM doesn’t have any say in that decision process shows how naive and clueless you are lol. What color are the trees in your fairytale land? Lol


Patience?Did you watch last season at all?Foligno sux,he is there to not make Sweeney look like an idiot.


It is just the end of camp… Mclaughlin outplayed others on the team but waivers is the only reason he is going down… We need to give them time to sort it out … Maybe they can package any combo (or individual trade) of Nosek, Foligno, Smith and a D .. Cliffy,Reilly, Grz for salary cap relief without having to surrender picks. After a move or two then they can bring up a guy like Mclauglin and or Lysell if he is ready. Foligno on the top line looks brutal but that will change when Hall is cleared to play.

Christopher H. Maciejko

Ridiculous BS! Get the corpses of Foligno and Nosek out of this organization, move shot hog Smith out and let’s get an infusion of youth here. Moving on from these duds will provide CAP relief too. How hard is this, seriously? Do we want a Stanley Cup or not at some point?


If they stink on the Bruins then WHO would trade for them? Be realistic!

Rick W Murray

Foligno wins again if I could ever afford tickets to see the game I would
boo everytme Foligno stepped out on the ice, McLaughlin was better than half the vets never mind the other prospects. Raw deal. Marc made the team easily,Foligno as usual has done nothing do us a favour retire.

Father Chains

Sometimes I get the feeling that the Bruins veterans are maybe just a tad too comfortable, you know?


You got that right. Be Calm and Bergeron is an understatement. Bergy looks like he’s on a benadryl/ambien cocktail these day’s 🤣😂


I really believe mangerment got no clue what they are they doing , does anyone think someone would take Folingo or Nosek if put waivers


The Coach makes out his roster from all available players. Let’s just see how this all plays out before roasting anyone over the coals.


Sooooo frustrating. There was no real reason to send Mark down. Get rid of Foligno! And he isn’t the only one. So sick of constantly choosing old run down players over young kids.


Saw the game that Carlo was in the other night and I swear his name never got called once during play-by-play. What happened to that guy? He is the king of milquetoast!


Nosek…..0 shots on net in over 30 minutes of preseason time; Mclaughlin 2 goal 2 assists. Congratulations Nosek you made the roster. Montgomery is just a puppet for the man with seemingly no plan, Sweeney.

john doe

How are you going to cut McLaughlin but keep Foligno, Frederic, Greer, Studnicka, Wagner, and Lauko? Are you guys blind?


Foligno is there because if he wasn’t, Sweeney would look like an idiot,which he obviously is,unless you are a Sweeney fanboy.

Roger Snook

Enjoyed the article. Mclaughlin deserved the nod over several players still competing for a spot on the team.


McLaughlin should be playing ahead of Foligno, Nosek and Frederic.

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