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NHL Power Rankings: Look Who’s in the Top Five

0share Share Tweet Flipboard CommentAs the NHL hits the All-Star Game, there are some surprise teams inside the top 10 of the power rankings. Obviously, the Lightning are clearly the best, but the rest of the spots are wide open. It all depends on what kind of streak a team is on. Also there is […]



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As the NHL hits the All-Star Game, there are some surprise teams inside the top 10 of the power rankings. Obviously, the Lightning are clearly the best, but the rest of the spots are wide open. It all depends on what kind of streak a team is on. Also there is some movement near the bottom of the standings as well. With the world ascending on San Jose, let’s go inside this week’s NHL Power Rankings.

NHL Power Rankings: Look Who’s in the Top Five

  1. Tampa Bay Lightning – What more can you say about the Lightning. Tampa Bay is a team that is built right from top to bottom.
  2. Calgary Flames – I guess Bill Peters wasn’t the problem in Carolina, he has the Flames playing a great style of hockey.
  3. New York Islanders – Barry Trotz is got this team playing a good brand of hockey. Trotz clearly a Jack Adams award candidate and the cupboard wasn’t as bare as we all thought.
  4. Winnipeg Jets – The Jets continue to play well despite all their injuries. Don’t be surprised if they pull the trigger at the deadline to boost the roster.
  5. Nashville Predators – The Predators are finally healthy again and are showing they are a legitimate contender for the Stanley Cup.
  6. Vegas Golden Knights – Vegas continues to fly under the radar as the team continues to round into their former selves.
  7. San Jose Sharks – The Sharks hit a bump in the road, but they still are one of the favorites in the West. Key an eye on the Karlsson injury.
  8. Toronto Maple Leafs – Toronto is getting exposed in their own end, they need help on defense. Is it time to worry about the offense too?
  9. Pittsburgh Penguins – Pittsburgh is not back to being their dominating selves, but the team is really close to exploding again too.
  10. Columbus Blue Jackets – The window for this team is now. With Panarin and Bobrovsky playing lights out, can Columbus finally get past the first round?
  11. Boston Bruins – Even with this little bump in the road, Boston is right there in the Atlantic. Do not be surprised this team gets home ice in the playoffs.
  12. Montreal Canadiens – Montreal continues to prove everyone wrong. Their worth ethic is some of the best in the NHL, and of course, Carey Price helps.
  13. Washington Capitals – The Capitals are a team playing like they need a break. If Washington can’t stop the bleeding 7 losses can turn into more.
  14. Minnesota Wild – Considering the Wild could have packed it in a long time ago, good for them for sticking around. Can the Wild stay here?
  15. Dallas Stars – If Dallas could play every game on home ice, they would be in first place. Winning on the road still plagues this team.
  16. Carolina Hurricanes – Since coming over to Carolina, Nino Niederreiter is back to his old self. Is this year, the Hurricanes finally get back to the playoffs after their annual push up the standings.
  17. St. Louis Blues – Say what you will, but the Blues are back in the playoff hunt in the Wild Wild West. Is this team now a buyer at the deadline?
  18. Colorado Avalanche – After 25 games, this team looked like a true contender, 25 games later not so much. So many holes to fill, can’t rely on one line.
  19. Buffalo Sabres – It’s unfortunate the Sabres are on such a slide. Still not out of it yet, but the Sabres need to get back to playing a winning brand of hockey.
  20. Vancouver Canucks – With Elias Pettersson back in the lineup, the Canucks keeps their hopes alive for the playoffs. Next year, they will be in.
  21. New York Rangers – As the Rangers continue to pile up wins on home ice, which directed is this organization headed in?
  22. Edmonton Oilers – Now that Peter Chiarelli is out in Edmonton, hopefully for Connor McDavid’s sake, they can figure it out soon.
  23. Arizona Coyotes – The Coyotes are not dead yet, they will be fighting for every inch until the very end.
  24. Florida Panthers – Do not count out the Panthers out yet either. Somehow, someway this team will stick around until the end.
  25. Los Angeles Kings – The Kings are starting to play close to .500 hockey again. The deadline will be interesting for this team.
  26. Philadelphia Flyers – The Flyers must continue to invest in Carter Hart. Surround this kid with good pieces and the Flyers can contend once again.
  27. New Jersey Devils – Such a shame after the season the Devils had last year. Remember the hot start this team got off to start this year?
  28. Detroit Red Wings – This young team knows they are not suppose to compete for a playoff, but that has not stopped them from playing hard.
  29. Anaheim Ducks – The Ducks head coaching seat is very warm if not scorching right now, if this skid continues a change might be in order.
  30. Ottawa Senators – Let’s see if the Senators can keep Duchene and Stone for a few more years. This team has something for the future.
  31. Chicago Blackhawks – As much as it was great to see them turn back the clocks for one game, Chicago can’t sustain doing this night in and night out.

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