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BHN Puck Links: What Did Bruins’ Marchand Say To Make Panarin Mad?



Boston Bruins, Artemi Panarin, Brad Marchand

What did Boston Bruins winger Brad Marchand say to Artemi Panarin to get the Russian forward fired up enough to throw a glove at him from the opposing bench in yesterday’s Black Friday showdown at TD Garden?

Allegedly, the Boston Bruins winger said something about Panarin not being welcome in Russia after his anti-Putin comments from months ago. At least that’s what Athletic reporter Arthur Staple is reporting from “a source” with knowledge of the situation after Ryan Strome vaguely referenced it after Friday afternoon’s glove-tossing fireworks.

Marchand, of course, made a Thanksgiving joke of the whole thing afterward.

People will try to make this out to be something bigger than it is, of course, because that’s the kind of outrage that hockey twitter lives for. But in essence it’s two NHL players acting like little kids with one taunting that “nobody likes you” and the other one devolving into a fit throwing equipment that would get a 7-year-old mite player tossed off the ice.

It’s more funny than anything, but you would think the league has to do something.

This humble hockey writer would be very surprised if Panarin isn’t fined for throwing equipment onto the Boston Bruins bench at the end of Friday’s game on a nationally televised broadcast, but the rest of this amounts to “you started it!” whataboutism from the New York Rangers after their best player couldn’t control himself at the end of a game when they were comfortable ahead in the third period.

Can I also say, for the record, that New York Rangers fans might be the biggest crybabies in the league rooting for a team that hasn’t won jack in almost 30 years? I am impressed at the sheer amount of crybaby soup they spill over their hockey team. The cherry on top of the sundae? Panarin was fined $5,000 by the NHL Department of Player Safety just as I said he would much to the dismay of so many screaming, uninformed fans of the Blueshirts.

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