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Boston Bruins Owner Jeremy Jacobs Still Being Hit Hard By Pandemic



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As reported here numerous times before, Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs and his Delaware North hospitality and gaming empire have been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic. Well, it appears things aren’t getting any better for Jacobs and Delaware North as the NHL and NHLPA hunker down to figure out a way to have a 2020-21 sesson.

In a recent ranking by Yahoo Business, of 12 pro sports owners losing money, Jacobs – who has lost approximately $600 million – came in third behind only Los Angeles Kings owner Philip Anschutz (-$900 million) and Colorado Avalanche owner Josh Kroenke and Los Angeles Rams owner Stan Kroenke who have both lost $1.7 billion since COVID began ravaging North America and the world last March.

After the 2019-2020 regular season paused on March 12, Jacobs, like some other pro sports owners, was forced to furlough workers both at Delaware North and with the Boston Bruins. As the pause went on, more workers were furloughed but Delaware North did formulate plans to assist those who were. Delaware North has sold some casinos and JeremyJacobs even listed his plush Manhatten apartment for $11 million. As it became apparent that the Boston Bruins wouldn’t be making the expected big splash in free agency and/or the NHL trade market last month, many speculated that Jeremy Jacobs, due to the financial losses he is taking with Delaware North, had imposed an internal salary cap below the flattened $81.5 million NHL cap. Boston Bruins President Cam Neely told Boston Hockey Now though, that this isn’t the case.

“There have not been any conversations with Mr. Jacobs or Charlie Jacobs regarding restrictions on hockey-related spending. They continue to give the hockey management full support,” Neely told BHN in an email on October 14.

The yahoo! finance ranking listed Jacobs’ net worth at $3.2 billion back on March 18 and as of November 4, that had dropped to $2.6 billion. Jacobs isn’t the only NHL owner who has had to watch his net worth take a hit and that’s why it was no surprise, and as we reported they would, the owners have asked the NHLPA for an extra 13-percent deferral in salary. That added 13-percent would be on top of the 20-percent escrow and 10-percent deferral from the PA that the players and owners already agreed to just four months ago. The owners also asked for an increase to the 20-percent escrow.




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