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Marchand Explains Deleted Tweet Defending Rask



Brad Marchand may have deleted his Wednesday morning twitter shot at Boston Globe reporter Matt Porter but he came out firing again in the Boston Bruins media session Wednesday afternoon. Marchand was asked to elaborate on the tweet that took exception to Porter pointing that in NBCSN interview Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask did with Kathryn Tappen Tuesday afternoon and that aired right after the Bruins made a statement related to Black Lives Matter, Rask was wearing a Boston Police hat. 

“The reason I deleted my tweet was not because I regretted tweeting it. It was because i didn’t want to bring any attention to [Porter],” Marchand said. “So I don’t regret the way that I responded. I regret giving him attention for what he wanted. We stand with Tuukka, we stand as a group together, and that’s that. 

‘Tuuks’ was given a hat by a friend that he wore in an interview prior to the statement being released. That’s OK for him to support a friend and wear a hat,” Marchand said. “It doesn’t change the fact that we all stand united against trying to end racism and being part of that solution. And ‘Tuuks’ is part of that. He’s onboard, as are all of us.”

Marchand went on to point out how Porter – who clearly was showing support for Black Lives Matter and social equality, could actually do the opposite with such a tweet by silencing the voice Rask has to promote his and his teammates’ message. 

“I responded to that because I felt that we want to be part of the solution and in doing that with what Matt was trying to do was create a buzz,” Marchand said. “We feel like Tuukka has a big platform, and for him to bring negative attention, that can deter ‘Tuuks’ from wanting to be part of this. I’m not saying he does. But if it does, ‘Tuuks’ has a big following. If you silence ‘Tuuks’ and you silence his followers, that’s part of the problem. We need people to be willing to speak up and want to be part of the solution and continue the conversation. The more people you silence and more negative attention you bring to what people are trying to create a positive solution, the more it’s going to negatively impact ending racism.”

The Bruins’ aforementioned statement was that they will lock arms in solidarity during the American and Canadian national anthems prior to the team’s exhibition with the Columbus Blue Jackets on Thursday night (7 PM ET, NESN, NHLtv) in Toronto. 

Marchand made sure to take one last jab at Porter, claiming the reporter tweeted what he did to boost his Twitter following and create a story around himself.

“What Matt did was he tried to create a buzz that would affect himself positively, and get more followers, get more attention, get more likes when it’s hurting what we’re trying to move forward with,” one of the NHL’s best chirpers said.

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