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Ullmark Wants A Revenge Tour; Will It Be With The Bruins?



NHL Trade

Boston Bruins goalie Linus Ullmark wants to remain a Bruin and have a revenge tour in the final season of his four-year, $20 million contract with the team.

As reported here, heading into the 2024 NHL Trade Deadline, the Boston Bruins had a trade in place to trade Ullmark, which he vetoed. We stand by our report that it wasn’t the Los Angeles Kings that Ullmark vetoed a trade to, but rather the Colorado Avalanche. From the sounds of it, whether it is the Avalanche or any other potential team that is interested, it may take a lot for Ullmark to approve a trade unless that team isn’t on his list.

“It all depends. It’s very hard,” said Ullmark, who finished the regular 22-10-7 with a 2.57 GAA and a .915 save percentage. “We don’t have all these luxuries to say, I don’t want to be in certain areas. There might be other things throughout your career. …let’s say, for example, you have one team that would be on the West Coast that is really, really bad, and you have them on your (no-trade) list. …but then all of a sudden, maybe three years later, they’re not. They might be a contender. You just look at Edmonton or whatever.

Those teams that might have been really bad but now are really good. You might want to waive at that point. But you can’t really think about that in advance. How are these teams going to be in three or four years? You can’t really be looking into your ball and see in the future and say this is where I want to go. It might get to (crap) as well.”

Linus Ullmark, as he did just after the March 8 NHL Trade Deadline, acknowledged that the NHL Trade rumors have taken a toll at times. “I’ve never been a part of any trade talks before, so that was a new experience,” Ullmark said. “Was it hard? Yeah, it was hard. Because you’re very comfortable where you are. You don’t want to move when you feel like you’re playing well, and you have the team, and you have the teammates.”

The 30-year-old netminder gets it, though, and knows the silly NHL Trade season is about to kick back into gear. As he said, “But with that popping out now, I’m not the only one who’s had trade talks, obviously. There were other goaltenders out there in the league, and there were a lot of rumors that they might get dealt…And for me, it’s about my pay grade as well, really. I don’t have the luxury to choose that.  If I could, I’d probably say the same thing as everyone else, which is, ‘I want to stay, and I’m going to stay.

But we live in a world where, in professional sports, you’ve got to deal with the hand you’ve been dealt, and, like I said, I have one more year. I wouldn’t want anything else (more) than to come back here and have a little bit of a revenge tour. I’m very excited and motivated for what’s to come.”


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