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Brad Marchand Sadly Logging Off Twitter



BRIGHTON, MA – Unfortunately Boston Bruins fans will no longer have Brad Marchand’s twitter posts to entertain them intermittently throughout the hockey season.

The 34-year-old regularly made news through his social media account as one of the NHL’s boldest twitter users whether it was taking on haters, tangling with reporters like yours truly or simply lending his opinions to things going on in the hockey world.

Sometimes it was even about defending a teammate.

It was always entertaining when Brad Marchand would get into a dust-up with somebody and often it would illuminate about where his mind was on any topic, but the B’s left winger said he had deactivated account after he received an email that his blue check mark was being taken away if he didn’t begin paying the social media monolith.

“Yeah, I’m not paying. I’m just not doing it,” said Marchand with a smile on his face. “That’s what happened. I got an email that they took my blue check mark away and it’s a little easier to hack because they took my two-step verification away, so I said ‘You know what? I’m going to get out now while I can. The last thing I need is somebody hacking [me].’

“So if anything comes up, it wasn’t me. I think that twitter is making everybody pay for the blue check marks now and I’ve got enough expenses, so I don’t need that.”

Boston Bruins

Some mused that Marchand might have been removing his twitter account with the Stanley Cup playoffs just a month away, and it perhaps signifying an effort to focus solely the postseason while avoiding all distractions.

Nope, said Marchand.

“No, it’s strictly because I’m not paying for twitter,” said Marchand. “I don’t care about twitter enough to pay for it. It’s fun to go on and have some fun every now and again, but I’m not paying for it. So I just deleted it.

“I’m sure I’ll be back on it at some point. I’ll be bored some day or whatever.”

That’s good news that the Boston Bruins rabble-rouser didn’t rule out returning to his twitter account at some point, but it sounds like it won’t be happening until Elon Musk decides that it’s perhaps a bad idea to drive athletes, celebrities, influences and other famous voices away from the social media company that it was built on.


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