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Source: Bruins Gave An ‘Emphatic No’ On Trading Pastrnak



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While it probably seems like common sense to think that Boston Bruins never considered trading superstar winger David Pastrnak before they signed him to an eight-year, $90 million contract extension this past Thursday, that doesn’t mean they weren’t asked if they would.

The NHL betting odds of the Boston Bruins trading superstar winger David Pastrnak were always slim to none and rightfully so, and that was confirmed with the signing last week. The Bruins would’ve liked to have signed David Pastrnak a lot sooner than they did, but neither they, nor Pastrnak ever grew impatient. In fact, while some may have wondered if the Bruins would have ever traded the rights to Pastrnak had talks continued with him unsigned into the summer and towards the start of unrestricted free agency, there was never even a consideration of that because not only did Pastrnak have his heart set on staying with the Bruins, but the team truly felt the same.

“I know of one team that definitely asked if they would ever think of trading him not just before free agency but even before the trade deadline,” an NHL executive source told Boston Hockey now on Sunday. “That was early on in the season, before it became crystal clear this team was a wagon and on their way, but yeah people wondered and people asked. That’s their jobs. Of course, the Bruins just gave an emphatic no every time.”

That goes in line with what the Boston Bruins organization and Pastrnak said ever since talks on a contract extension began last summer.

“No, I didn’t visualize it,” Pastrnak replied on Thursday when asked if the thought of hitting the unrestricted free agent on July 1 ever crossed his mind. “But obviously these negotiations get tricky, so you have to go think through the process and everything and I’m super happy and excited to stay here.”

Boston Bruins general manager Don Sweeney shared a mutual sentiment with the media on Thursday as well.

“Our goal all along was to make him a life long Bruin, and I’m very appreciative of ownership to get to a landing spot,” Sweeney said. “As I’ve referenced numerous times, we’ll continue, every deal has it’s own timeline and we’re very happy to have David be part our team now, going forward, and obviously the foreseeable future. He indicated all along that this is what he would like to do and he was patient.”

So were the Boston Bruins and they would’ve waited right up until the clock hit noon on July 1. That would’ve obviously increased the NHL betting on Pastrnak leaving, but the Bruins would’ve never given up.

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