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Marchand Ready For The Boos From Kraken Fans



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Boston Bruins winger Brad Marchand definitely doesn’t stir it up on the ice as much as he used to, but in recent seasons Marchand has taken his epic chirping game to social media.

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that the Seattle Kraken, who the Bruins face tonight (10 PM ET), Edmonton Oilers – who the Bruins play in Edmonton on Monday – and the Detroit Red Wings are finalists to host the 2025 NHL-All Star game. Brad Marchand chimed in with his thoughts on the matter and set off another firestorm on Twitter.

“Lol can’t wait to see how many guys boycott that game”

A fan then chimed in “Brad is back at it,” and Marchand he responded: “I mean it’s true.”


Following Boston Bruins practice in Seattle on Wednesday, Marchand was asked if his tweet chirping may make him Public Enemy No. 1 tonight at Climate Pledge Arena?

“It depends how serious they want to take some tweets,” Marchand told Fox News Digital in Seattle on Wednesday. “A lot of what I do on social media is all in good fun. I like to joke around, it’s not meant to be taken seriously. People do like to overreact these days, and I’m sure there will be some angry fans that thought I was being serious. But again, it was all in good fun.”

Of course, if the snarky and pesky Boston Bruins winger really wanted to get under the collective skin of Seattle sports fans, all he had to do – and still can do – is tweet this video:



As for his opinion on the city of Seattle, as well as Edmonton and Detroit, Marchand doubled down and truly believes the NHLPA won’t like those cities as hosts.

“It’s not even for me,” the 34-year-old Marchand pointed out. “The chance of me being there is slim. But there’s a little bit of truth to that where if you want guys to want to be there and want to be a part of it and actually make it enjoyable, then make it enjoyable for them. Going to Edmonton in the middle of winter time, or Detroit, isn’t where those guys want to be when everyone else on their team is away enjoying their vacation or time with their families. No [player’s] family is going to want to come up here.

“Put it in places where guys want to be and make them want to be there, and they’ll make the game enjoyable. If not, then they’re going to be miserable while they’re there and try to get out of it certain ways. That’s all the fans want: They want to see the best players and enjoy them at the game. To do that, put them in places where guys want to be.”

Truth be told, there have been reports that the NHLPA is going to push hard in the next CBA negotiations for there to be 3-4 designated All-Star host cities that would rotate year-by-year as hosts. The NHL will likely never go for it though given all their money-driven insistence that each city get to host.




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