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Mitchell Miller’s Agent’s Account Contradicts Cam Neely’s



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The Mitchell Miller-Boston Bruins story continues to take twists and turns.

According to Mitchell Miller’s agent Eustace King, who appeared on the Cam And Strick Podcast (released on Tuesday), just hours after Neely addressed the media Monday, Boston Bruins team president Cam Neely, the Boston Bruins and every other team that he and Miller have been talking to since this past summer, were well aware of the timeline of events from Miller and the classmate he bullied, Isaiah Meyer-Crothers, as they grew up and recently as well.


“I can tell you that every team that I talked to had detailed information about what happened between Mitchell and Isaiah,” King told co-host Andy Strickland. “And also what my thoughts were of the scenario; why I decided to take him on as a client, and then most importantly, which is most important here, and I didn’t touch on this before, that they were able to do their own investigation, but I wanted to make sure that they knew that we had a plan, and we were trying to do stuff.”

Everyone knew what was at stake, everyone knew the risks they were taking, everyone knew everything. Nothing has come up or resurfaced that has been different from everything that you’ve seen before. And that’s why I put a timeline together because I have not been able to find any new information or new accounts that have happened.”

In a Sunday night press release announcing the termination of the contract Miller and the Boston Bruins signed on Friday, and again in a Monday morning press conference, Neely said that ‘new information’ caused the Bruins to change course and release Mitchell Miller. Eustace King was asked about that:

“I think they have new information that they feel (justified the termination), but to the best of my knowledge, there’s no new information that’s come out,” King said.

As far as King is concerned there was no information that led to the contract being terminated, but rather the public backlash from Friday, that is still ongoing, is what led to his client losing another shot to play in the NHL.

“Basically, the announcement (of the Bruins signing Miller last Friday), changed everything,” King said. “When the announcement came out, and there was all this backlash on social media, there was a disruption between Isaiah and Mitchell. One thing that Isaiah didn’t want, is he doesn’t want any public fanfare. He’s been consistent on that. He doesn’t want to be in the media, that’s not something that he wants, but what he does want is ‘Hey Mitch, if you’re gonna do the work, then do the work, and if there’s any way that I can do the work with you, then I would consider that.

They didn’t finalize plans to do that, because they didn’t get the chance to meet, but they talked about working together, but I think that the biggest thing here is that these two young kids were beginning to heal.”

In his press conference Monday morning, Neely repeatedly stressed that he and the Bruins’ hockey operations staff were unaware of a series of transgressions between Miller and Meyer-Crothers that occurred after 2014. Despite various news outlets – many via Miller’s victim and disabled former classmate Isaiah Meyer-Crothers’ mother or Google – discovering that Miller’s bullying and racist remarks were not limited to one incident, and were part of a pattern that stretched on for years, Neely claimed that he and his hockey ops staff were unaware of that.

“He’s never reached out to my son. He never reached out to us,” Isaiah’s mother, Joni Meyer-Crothers, said in an interview with WBZ on Friday amidst the instant backlash after the Boston Bruins signed Miller. “I don’t care how talented any player is. He could be the next Wayne Gretzky. But if your player that you’re taking doesn’t have character and isn’t a good human being, then you really might want to rethink what you’re doing.”

Neely, who admitted not contacting Joni or Isaiah in their vetting process was their biggest mistake, said he believed Miller was a person who made a horrible mistake at a young age still paying the price and that he now deserved a second chance.

“From everything I’ve heard, he was working on himself, working in programs to better himself,” Neely said of the “new information” the team cited when cutting ties with Miller. “I was under the impression it was a 14-year-old kid who made a really, really bad decision and did some horrible things, and he’s 20 years old now, so I was under the impression that he, in the last six years, had done a lot of work on himself. From a hockey standpoint, the scouts think he’s a player that can play. From a character standpoint, that’s where we failed.

Initially, I was thinking it was going to be, ‘OK, this kid deserves a second chance.’ I thought there would be some people that were going to be upset about it. But to the extent of this, I misread that. So, we could’ve done a better job. We should’ve done a better job.”

King also contradicted Joni Meyer-Crothers claim that Miller had not apologized to her son until recently and that Miller wasn’t trying to make amends with her son.

“They were working out and healing on their own, which I think is very, very important,” King told Strickland. “They were working on their own issues and unfortunately that led to a disruption but before that disruption and all the stuff that we talked about and we’ll talk about later on with the Bruins, there was a point where I felt that they were going to heal each other because they had plans to meet, and Isaiah even said things like ‘Listen bro, you’re gonna be great; you’re gonna do well; you have to trust in God, and follow God and everything is gonna work itself out’ and that was important I felt, for them to be able to share that information and talk.”


With 20 years of experience (SiriusXM NHL Network Radio, ESPNBoston, NESN,, etc.) covering the Bruins, the NHL, NCAA and junior hockey and more, Jimmy Murphy’s hockey black book is full of Hall of Famers, current players, coaches, management, scouts and a wide array of hockey media personalities that have lived in and around this great game. For 17 of his 20 years as a hockey and sports reporter, Murph covered the Bruins on essentially a daily basis covering their victorious 2011 Stanley Cup run and their 2013 run to the Final as well. Murphy has hosted national and local radio shows and podcasts and also has experience in TV as well.

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Of course Neely received “new information” that he previously didn’t have or consider. He and the rest of Bruins management had no idea people were going to get as angry as they did. Surprising admission considering what that says about their ability to predict the results of their own actions. Still, considering the absolute ZERO traction they’ve made in the hunt to deal with the imminent loss of their two main centers…maybe not so surprising after all. Maybe it’s time to move on from management that’s presiding over the end of an era, with no plan whatsoever for starting a… Read more »

Chuck Rose

This management team has put together a team that’s 11-2 to start the season. Still not good enough for you eh, Orrfan? It apparently doesn’t matter to you how the team is playing right now. Yes, the B’s are going all-in on this year and the results so far have been tremendous. If we win the cup this year, I don’t mind it if they have to go through a re-building period. Plus you nor anybody else has any idea what may transpire in the next off-season. Did they make a mistake with Miller? Hell ya they did but it’s… Read more »


Neely is a fraud and takes us for fools…..absolute clown show at the top, including the hapless (only care about the bottom line) owners!

Bs metalhead

Just gotta say, disappointed this even happened but I am damn proud of the team, fans, media, and sponsors who all stood up and called BS on Neely and denounced this hate. When people stand up to this toxic hate we can all send a clear message it is unacceptable. I know it sucks having such a great Historic season Be shadowed by this negativity, but better to be discussing this and have it handled the way it ended than to just ignore or downplay it like neely did… Uncomfortable or not it needs discussion. This all could have been… Read more »


This was beyond just a bad move by the Bruins. Extremely proud of the players and fans for speaking out and getting our voices heard loud and clear, we don’t want anyone like that on our team.

Ugly Moe

I suspect the “new information” is Bettman saying no, then the AHL saying no.


Neely overestimated Bruins fans. They are not sophisticated, they are simple, woke automatons doing the bidding of the herd.


Everyone needs to wake up and be more aware. No one knows it all but many more need to know more than they do.
Funny how those who decry the woke trend are the very same people who need to woke up.

B's metalhead

Did he read the statement from Isaiah today??? The victim said what happened, how he feels, and that is all that matters. Period. Not about anyone being “woke” this is about the victim being clear about what happened and how miller hasn’t done shit to make up for it.

B's metalhead

Still trying to find your penis this morning??? Want to come to a metal show in Boston next week? I really haven’t kicked a nazi in the face in ages I’m way past due. Invitation is open

B's metalhead

And you are a pussy coward just like every other bigot who hides their face in public, too much of a sissy to own your beliefs? Why not post your name bro? What are you scared of?? You’re so stupid you can’t even hide your pathetic name without making a spelling error! Sounds like you’re the dumb dumb here!


If the agent is right in that the 2 youths had agreed to meet and where talking, then when did that happen , which is important, how did it happen via text, email, then there would be documentation of those conversations…so let’s see them and give us proof!!?
Im inclined to believe the mother until proved other wise as she has nothing to gain by what she is saying and MM obviously has much to gain by saying what he is saying ….let’s see some proof agent King!!!


“Neely repeatedly stressed that he and the Bruins’ hockey operations staff were unaware of a series of transgressions between Miller and Meyer-Crothers that occurred after 2014” — I watched the whole video of the Q&A and I didn’t hear him mention this once. What he said was that they hadn’t contacted the family. Did he actually mention the incidents after 2014 or are you interpreting what he said to mean that?

B's metalhead

It is even more disgusting when you hear what happened from the victim himself… Read his statement today folks… That is all you need. The only person who can forgive and accept that apology is Isaiah, he is clearly not ready for that after all that has happened and what little mm has done to show it is even genuine. Really seems like this was just a task he was required to do to get something he wanted, not that he was actually sorry. Seems like it was almost a continuation of the bullying by mm to get the apology… Read more »

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