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Boston Bruins Finally Sign Sweeney To GM Extension



Don Sweeney Boston Bruins

It’s a bit anticlimactic since Boston Bruins President Cam Neely said it would get done this summer, but the Bruins have finalized a contract extension with general manager Don Sweeney, as confirmed by Boston Hockey Now.

The Bruins had allowed Sweeney to enter the final year of his contract as general manager, and Neely admitted to reporters last month that he hadn’t made up his mind that Sweeney would be retained until he landed top pair defenseman Hampus Lindholm at the NHL trade deadline.

“I really wanted to see how the year went. We had a lot of changes in the last offseason, so I just really wanted to see how that played out,” said Neely, back in May. “Obviously, you get January, February, March…really good months for us. The team really came together. I thought we had a lot of depth and I was happy with what he did at the deadline.”

Still, things were hanging in limbo with Sweeney and the Bruins long into the offseason with his contract set to expire at the end of June. The timing is interesting as things didn’t get finalized with Sweeney until after word leaked out that Patrice Bergeron was going to return for a 19th NHL season with the Black and Gold.

Patrice Bergeron’s decision to return allows the Boston Bruins to essentially run things back for one more season with the current group that managed to get 51 wins and 107 points this prior to a first round playoff demise. But after that it feels like things could go in a much different direction with a possible rebuild in the offing where there could be a significant change in the organizational course back toward a strict drafting-and-development model.

Now with his own deal taken care of, Sweeney will be focusing on the head coaching search after the Boston Bruins GM fired head coach Bruce Cassidy earlier this month.

The Boston Bruins interviewed former Northeastern University and current Colorado Eagles head coach Greg Cronin on Thursday afternoon for the vacant head coaching gig, and it’s believed that former P-Bruins head coach Jay Leach and former Boston University head coach David Quinn were also brought in for interviews this week as well.

The Sweeney contract extension news was first reported by the Worcester Telegram and Gazette on early Saturday evening.

Joe Haggerty has covered the Boston Bruins and the NHL for 18 years with NBC Sports Boston,, the Boston Metro and the Woburn Daily Times, and currently serves as lead Bruins reporter and columnist for Boston Hockey Now. Haggs always strives to capture the spirt of the thing any way that he can.

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Rick W Murray

Worst news I’ve heard all year he and Neely have destroyed this team


Rick l dont agree with you another, but I’m 100% with you this time


Big mistake !!! 👎

Ugly Moe

In a way it is a fitting punishment for assembling a team with bleak future prospects.


Sweeny does get players to sign team friendly contracts, but he sucks at talent evaluation. Look for more small defensemen and forwards that can’t score.

Old Boston Garden Fan

Lose to big physical Islanders in playoffs, Lose to big physical Canes in playoffs. Keep Sweeney. Illogical.
Just because he was a small defensemen doesn’t mean he has to keep them all employed by the Bruins.


That’s the biggest problem, talent draft evaluators ,they are terrible, for this reason they should have went in another direction


I’d be happy to sign a team friendly deal too. I’ll suck for sure but I don’t see how I could possibly turtle in the playoffs any more than Matty Grzelcyk does when a big boy (i.e. anyone over 5-10) comes into the corner.


Bad move! Neely and Sweeney need to be replaced. I am a fan of Bergeron but he’s an idiot if he thinks he has a chance of winning another cup with the Bruins. I know he said he would only play here but if he really wants to win one more cup before he retires he would be better off signing with Colorado, Tampa Bay, Edmonton, the Rangers, Toronto or Vegas.


They needed to get rid of the garbage in the front office not reward them. Couldn’t win on the ice now shave to deal with losers off the ice great job we will suck for years.


The really bad new 🤬




Wrong guy got fired


If Neely got fired then the new president would have fire Sweeney (we need to get Neely out) then Sweeney is gonè


Sweeney should of been fired a year ago. Terrible drafting and questionable trades. Neeley won’t fire his buddy.


Piss away another year..,feel sorry for Bergeron!


They let him go into the season without a contract for next year. You didn’t hear other teams wanting to interview him. What does that tell you? Sweeney and Neely need to be replaced along with a new owner who needs to be local and understands what it’s like living and being part of this great city and has a passion for all things Boston.


That sucks.


Doesn’t look good, unless weenie and weenie make some big moves this team is going nowhere doesn’t matter that Bergy is coming back. The only way to see change is to STOP going to the games, STOP buying Bruin merchandise it’s that simple, as long as you keep putting money in Jacobs, Winnie, and Winnie’s pockets you have no one to blame but yourselves. DON’T GO TO THE GAMES!!!

mark waddock

So Sweeney’s trade for Lindholm and the Bruins in January, February and March (without Lindholm) success convinced Neely to extend his contract. Wasn’t that success more attributable to Cassidy than Sweeney? Apart from Haula and to a much lesser extent Forbert which moves that Sweeney made contributed to that success. Neely is clueless.


Neely wanted to see how the GM did this year and after losing David Krejci he brought in Haula, Nosek, Foligno and Forbert (27 goals in 293 games played for $11 Million). And yet Matt Grzelcyk ($4 Million) remains with obstinate pride on the second D pairing. No Stanley Cup winner in the last 10 years has had a regular defenseman under 6′-0″.

Great Job. Quite odd.

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