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Fox On Buddy McAvoy Hitting Him: “We’ll Still Be Friends”



Boston Bruins

Boston Bruins defenseman Charlie McAvoy and New York Rangers defensemen Adam Fox once again showed how friendships off the ice are thrown out the door when good friends become opponents in a bitter NHL rivalry such as an Original 6 one like the Rangers-Bruins.

Prior to the Boston Bruins hosting the Rangers in an Original Six matchup with huge Stanley Cup Playoffs seeding implications, ABC aired a pre-game feature with Emily Kaplan on the longtime friendship between Bruins defenseman Charlie McAvoy and defenseman Adam Fox who have become two of the best defensemen in the NHL over the past three seasons. The two Long Island natives, McAvoy (Long Beach, NY) and Adam Fox (Jericho, NY) played together as teenagers on the Long Island Gulls before becoming Beanpot opponents with McAvoy playing for Boston University and and Fox for Harvard University. Fox has gone onto win the 2021 Norris Trophy and McAvoy is easily a top-5 Norris candidate this season.

As Charlie McAvoy showed 9:27 into the second period of Saturday’s latest head-to-head tilt between the Boston Bruins and the Rangers, there’s no love lost on the ice, regardless of off-ice friendships when he drilled Fox from behind and a scrum ensued. Fox’ Rangers teammate Dryden Hunt apparently didn’t watch the pre-game feature from Kaplan because he immediately jumped McAvoy and sparked a scrum. He and McAvoy end with matching roughing minors.

During the second intermission, Kaplan interviewed Fox and asked if he was surprised to be hit by his best buddy?

“Yes and no; it’s hockey, we’re not on the same team so no friends out there,” Fox said with a smile. “I’m sure he’ll give me some crap about that later but it’s hockey. He’s a strong, tough defender and he got me good.”

Kaplan then asked if Fox would still text McAvoy after the game?

“Maybe I won’t text him, he may have to text me first but we’ll still be friends after the game,” the 2021 Norris Trophy winner said with a smirk.


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