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Scout On Marchand Not Being An All-Star: ‘He Gets Hosed Constantly’



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Boston Bruins captain Patrice Bergeron is going to the 2022 NHL All-Star game in Las Vegas on Feb. 5 and Bruins defenseman Charlie McAvoy may join him if he is selected in the 2022 NHL All-Star Last Man In vote.

Sadly and not so surprisingly, despite leading the Boston Bruins in goals (19), assists (22), and points with 41, winger Brad Marchand was not selected. Bergeron is second in assists with 17 helpers and third in points with 21.

The NHL requires that each team has at least one All-Star. Marchand wasn’t even the Bruins’ nominee for the Last Men In voting, a distinction that went to defenseman Charlie McAvoy. One player will be added to each division.

By no means is Bergeron any slouch but following a 3-2 win for the Boston Bruins over the Philadelphia Flyers Thursday night, Marchand has eight goals and six assists in his last five games and is arguably the hottest player in NHL right now. Voting was obviously done for the most part, before this week but Marchand is currently sixth in points overall in the NHL.

“He gets hosed constantly,” an NHL scout exclaimed to Boston Hockey Now late Thursday night.

That’s hard to argue considering how valuable Marchand is proving to be to the Boston Bruins once again. The player that for half his career, was – and rightfully so – labeled a pest or ‘dirty player’, has done everything he has to do to shed the bad labels. From the 2016-17 season until 2019-20, Marchand registered 85 points or more and reached the century mark in the 2018-19 season. His scoring accolades did get recognized with an All-Star nod in 2018 but he seems to not get enough respect year by year, especially in the Hart Trophy voting.

The NHL’s hockey operations department, which is run by Colin Campbell and Kris King, choose the All-Star rosters. Could Marchand’s recent three-game suspension, for slew-footing Vancouver Canucks defenseman Oliver Ekman-Larsson, have affected their decision? Who knows?

The bottom line is, Marchand continues to be unable to shed that ‘Rat’ label, and his past seemingly won’t forgive the present.

One thing is for sure though, to his teammates and Boston Bruins fans, not only is Marchand an All-Star, but he is a legit Hart Trophy candidate.

“Go ahead! Name me one guy besides Connor McDavid, more valuable to his team,” the same scout above said.

Marchand can still become an All-Star by fan vote. Fans can submit their picks for the last man in selection on each of the four teams at


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Steven Stamkos was also not named to the team. This is the problem with fans voting for the all star game. It becomes nothing more than a popularity contest and is not based on merit. All stars should be voted on by players, coaches and general managers. They are the ones who really now and understand the game and who the best players really are.

Chuck Rose

You are aware that NHL Ops picked all the all-stars except the captains and the last men, right?


I think that ever since the John Scott fiasco the pale and stale NHL has made it quite clear that they will no longer tolerate fans deciding which players represent the fans at the fake game which is put on for the fans!! Good for them…they have developed a nice little dictatorship


How can you even vote for him? Not to vote for the players preselected is not clear!

William Mahoney

Take a look at that so called slew-foot? Marchand is being treated so unfairly! Good for us as he can use the home rest!

Michael D Jones

The fans would vote tuuka in after 1 game over Marchand…stupid….pick the real teams and let the fans vote who starts…..but I bet Brad is eating this up and loving it

Chuck Rose

Apparently there are some people out there that despite what this article clearly states, think the All Star teams were chosen by the fans. They weren’t. Every player was chosen by NHL Operations except for the captain of each team and the last man on each team. If you are going to comment in here, at least read the article first.

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