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BHN Puck Links: Zero Evidence Boston Bruins Are Interested In Kane



Are the Boston Bruins really interested in Evander Kane?

While it is true that the B’s had a scout at Kane’s first game for the AHL’s San Jose Barracuda, there isn’t even a shred of proof it had anything to do with his presence on the ice. After all, don’t we all know what Kane is capable of on the ice at 30 years old? It’s not like his is going to go off a cliff after he led the Sharks in goals last season and was one of their more effective players when he was focused on hockey.

The problem with Kane, obviously, is what he’s doing off the ice. The domestic issues, the fake vaccination card, the accusations of gambling on his own games and a number of past assault accusations all serve as marks on his off-the-ice record and show a veteran player that quite honestly deserves to lose the privilege of being an NHL player.

The video of him allegedly waving a gun at his home was just the latest in a line of hugely problematic behavior during his NHL career.

Certainly, the Bruins could use his size, strength and goal-scoring along with the toughness he shows from time-to-time. Actually, the team being with Milan Lucic as he was celebrated for his 1,000 NHL game was a reminder that they need to draft and develop another fearsome power forward just like him. Notice I said “draft and develop” as opposed to taking a chance on a troubled winger that’s one strike away from being kicked out of the NHL.

When it comes to Kane, the Bruins should be an instant and unequivocal “hard pass” before the question is even asked.

Now on to the BHN Puck Links:

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