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Haggs: Bergeron’s Bruins Burst Makes Naysayers Look Like Bozos | BHN+



Boston Bruins

Professional crap-talkers like Tony Massarotti and Jim Murray are never going to learn when it comes to the Boston Bruins.

In fact, their whole careers at this point hinge on fanning the outrage flames and concocting things to say that are going to infuriate people and keep them listening to the “Felger and Mazz Show” on 98.5 the Sports Hub. Some call it the Howard Stern philosophy of talk radio where “Half the people love him, half the people hate him and 100 percent of the listeners want to know what he’s going to say next”, and others can draw a parallel between outrageous sports hot takes and the “angry emoji” that Facebook found out over time is like highly flammable kindling to their algorithms.

Whatever the case, the drive time talkers found it necessary to question whether Patrice Bergeron’s “heart was in it anymore” to play hockey for the Boston Bruins after he went without goals in his first seven games this season. Just for context, this is what Mazz was doing while researching his hockey talking points on Thursday.

Obviously, it was a slow start to the season offensively for the entire Perfection Line, but we’re also talking about a Boston Bruins team that’s played just eight games over the first month of the regular season during a very sporadic schedule.

It was the slowest offensive start to a regular season in the 36-year-old’s 18-year NHL career and Mike Felger, Mazz and Murray took that as the cue to question Bergeron’s heart on Thursday afternoon. Felger expertly put the numbers out there that showed Bergeron wasn’t exactly burning it up offensively as the Perfection Line clearly searched for their game trough the season’s first few weeks. They looked slow and out-of-sorts against younger, quicker teams like the Panthers and the Hurricanes on the road a couple of weeks ago.

Coupled with the fact that Bergeron is in the last year of his contract and clearly hasn’t made any decisions about next season, Felger wondered aloud if the beloved captain of the Boston Bruins “has one foot out the door…he wouldn’t be the first guy.”

“I’m worried his heart might not be in it. Not the same guy. A lot of miles on him…a lot of tread,” said noted hockey guru Tony Massarotti, who probably couldn’t explain what icing is to a caller if they gave him a pop quiz on the air.

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