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BHN Puck Links: Full Night Of NHL Action Coming Up



Boston Bruins

It’s opening days for NHL teams across the league with ESPN and TNT both holding their first nights of programming over the last couple of days, and the league extending to nine games on Thursday night in the real first true night of hockey.

There are season previews and bold predictions, rankings and outlooks in all 32 of the NHL cities, and then there are these kinds of fun video looks at all the teams across the league. This hits the nail on the head with most of the teams, for sure.

So enjoy all the hockey tonight after two great nights of appetizers on national television that included Wayne Gretzky scoring at will on Charles Barkley in the studio during an entertaining TNT broadcast.

On to the BHN Puck Links:

*The Boston Bruins and Charlie McAvoy are circling in on a contract extension that’s going to be long term and pay him a passive amount of money. It’s all well deserved after he’s developed into a true No. 1 defenseman. (Boston Hockey Now)

*FOH (Friend of Haggs) Kevin Allen has seven reasons that the Detroit Red Wings can beat the Tampa Bay Lightning in their season opener. I’m truly a believer that the Lightning are going to have pockets of struggle this season. (Detroit Hockey Now)

*While the focus is on Alex Ovechkin’s two goals in the opener and rightfully so, 19-year-old Hendrik Lapierre also got on the score sheet for the Washington Capitals in a great sign for the future. (Washington Hockey Now)

*Can the top-6 forwards for the Vegas Golden Knights be enough to carry them at the start of the hockey season? (Vegas Hockey Now)

*Great story in Montreal where Jonathan Drouin scores for the Habs after missing the end of last season due to anxiety struggles. Welcome to the boys at Montreal Hockey Now and everybody else across our new Canadian markets in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver as well. (Montreal Hockey Now)

*Some bold predictions for the upcoming 2021-22 NHL season including a top one about the Tampa Bay Lightning that is a truly spicy take. (Pucks with Haggs)

*Good to see Steve Greeley popping up in the media world talking pucks with Frank Seravalli at his new website venture. Greeley has an incredible eye for hockey talent.

*The Viking look for the Washington Capitals? Yeah, that’s pretty appropriate. Can’t see anything going wrong with an actual battle axe in the Washington dressing room.

*For something completely different: Honestly at this point, Kyrie Irving needs some help. He’s a wannabee deep thinker that doesn’t want to actually put in the time or work behind the actual deep thoughts.

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