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Murphy: Bergeron, Athletes Are Right To Not Just ‘Shut Up And Play’



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Boston Bruins captain Patrice Bergeron is the latest pro athlete to be criticized and called out by the ‘Shutup and Play’ crowd.

Bergeron recently joined former UMass-Amherst star and San Jose Sharks forward Mario Ferraro, former Boston Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference, former NHL goaltender Mike Richter, and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan for a roundtable discussion on the importance of taking action to protect access to clean air and water and reducing the devastating effects of climate change.

Each participant explained why they are getting involved with the #NHLGreen initiative and like so many, Bergeron has become passionate for and active in efforts to get our environment back on the right track. As he stated, it’s not really about us and the present but more for the future and for our children.

‘For me and my family, it’s a growing awareness, it’s grown, obviously for my kids and I want them live a beautiful life like I did, and same with their grandkids,” the Boston Bruins captain said. “You see that report from United Nations and you do realize like ‘you know what? I really have to step it up and find ways to lead and to make those changes not only for myself but also for my kids and their futures’. So I think it really confirmed that not only is it the right thing to do, but that we need to make some changes and be part of the solution. I think we all have connections to nature and to the environment, whether it’s hunting, fishing, hiking, and don’t we want to preserve that?

As is sadly the case though these days, when pro athletes try to use their fame and wealth to help others and raise awareness for important social and environmental causes, ignorant and selfish trolls went after Bergeron and the panel.

That’s just a sample of the ignorant and asinine replies to a player who has been nothing but class throughout his career. When Bergeron retires, the Boston Bruins will raise his No. 37 to the TD Garden rafters, and soon after that, he will be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. After almost 20 years of covering this future hall of famer, I can say this for certainty: If there was a hall of fame for human beings, the Boston Bruins captain would also be inducted into that. So to see these trolls rip Bergeron for trying to secure a safe and happy future for our children and their grandchildren isn’t exactly surprising – since that’s the culture we sadly live in now – but simply dumb. Bergeron wasn’t paid to do this and I can tell you that everything he says and does is authentic. Are their athletes that simply do this for money or good PR? Sure there are, but Bergeron isn’t one of them, nor is Ference.

Ironically, as Hurricane Ida dropped record amounts of rain and caused never-before-seen flooding in cities like New York City and Philadelphia, resulting in death and destruction, these trolls were tweeting this nonsense. Should Bergeron and other pro athletes should just sit back and watch when they can help to prevent this in the future?

Another twist of irony in this latest display of the ignorance and to be honest, petty jealousy of pro athletes, came almost a year to the date that the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs paused in light of the George Floyd murder and to help create more discussion and awareness for the need to improve social diversity and eliminate racism.

Here’s the statement from the NHL and NHLPA just over a year ago:

After much discussion, NHL Players believe that the best course of action would be to take a step back and not play tonight’s and tomorrow’s games as scheduled. The NHL supports the Players’ decision and will reschedule those four games beginning Saturday and adjust the remainder of the Second Round schedule accordingly.

Black and Brown communities continue to face real, painful experiences. The NHL and NHLPA recognize that much work remains to be done before we can play an appropriate role in a discussion centered on diversity, inclusion, and social justice.

We understand that the tragedies involving Jacob Blake, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others require us to recognize this moment. We pledge to work to use our sport to influence positive change in society.

The NHLPA and NHL are committed to working to foster more inclusive and welcoming environments within our arenas, offices, and beyond.”

That was met with widespread harsh criticism of the league and the players being ‘too woke’ and too many telling them ‘to stick to hockey. Once again, why is there something wrong with NHLers and pro athletes trying to help fans and society by using their platform and wealth? If you think trying to fight racism is wrong, well then you’re a racist!

Social media has obviously given a louder voice to these ignorant fools, but it has also given those who care about their fellow human beings and the environment a voice. Let’s drown out the ‘shut up and play’ crowd and support pro athletes like Bergeron who is the perfect example of what any Boston Bruins fan should want their captain to be like.




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