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BHN Puck Links: Are Boston Bruins Fans A Stressed Fanbase?



Boston Bruins

You ever read something about the NHL and the Boston Bruins that makes zero sense on any level? Like to the point that you wonder if it was merely written to get people talking about whatever contrived subject that the piece is delving into in the dead of the hockey offseason. Well, search no more.

Here’s a list of the “Most Stressed NHL Fanbases” in the National Hockey League, and it’s a doozy.

No, the Maple Leafs aren’t even in the top-20. That’s a dead giveaway that this is some kind of wackadoo list.

And somehow Tampa Bay Lightning fans aren’t ranked at No. 32 even though they’ve watched their team win back-to-back Stanley Cup champions and would be at the bottom of the list by any metric known to man.

I’m not even sure who actually created this list, but here it is with Boston Bruins fans at No. 7 despite winning a Stanley Cup in the last 10 years and boasting a team that’s in the Stanley Cup playoffs each and every season.

So, do you feel stressed Boston Bruins fans, and what exactly does being a “stressed NHL fanbase” even mean anyway? I have so many questions, but we’ll move on to the rest of our BHN Puck Links at this point in time:

*Our friends out at Vancouver Hockey Now had the breaking news that NHL players are definitely in for the Olympics. Love it and so do the NHL players, who are the biggest reason that they continue to pause the NHL regular season and participate in the Olympics. (Vancouver Hockey Now)

*Do not rip the city of Detroit around Red Wings great Darren McCarty. You will not like his response if you do. (Detroit Hockey Now)

*It sounds like it’s a done deal that the NHL players will be skating in the 2022 Winter Olympics, so which Boston Bruins players are going to be in the tournament? (Boston Hockey Now)

*AJ Quetta said his goal is “to walk again” and I’m never going to doubt what that brave kid is capable of. Great to hear him talking about his progress from last winter’s spinal cord injury. (

*The Montreal Canadiens are in a no-win situation with Jesperi Kotkaniemi after he was offer-sheeted over the weekend by the Carolina Hurricanes. Sure, there was an element of revenge to this one, but this is also a player that the Canes clearly wanted given the one-year offer upwards of $6 million to lure him away. (The Athletic)

*Speaking of Kotkaniemi, FOH (Friend of Haggs) Dan Kingerski wonders how the offer sheets could impact the rest of the market right now. (Pittsburgh Hockey Now)

*Colin Blackwell is going to wear the same No. 43 with the Seattle Kraken that he wore last season while posting career high numbers with the New York Rangers.

*The newly minted New York Rangers head coach discusses how they’re going to handle Public Enemy No. 1, Tom Wilson, moving forward this season. (New York Post)

*How did I never watch Letterkenny until this past weekend? OMG, this is required viewing for anybody that loves hockey or spends any amount of time up in Canada. And Jim Playfair’s kid is in it to boot. Fun stuff.

*For something completely different: What is up with the drama at so many of the national morning shows? It seems like every station’s morning show is rife with egos and drama. (The Daily Beast)

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