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Tom Wilson With Another Reckless Hit Vs. Boston Bruins



BOSTON – Tom Wilson was at it again against the Boston Bruins on Sunday afternoon with a third period hit that appeared to target Sean Kuraly’s head.

The Washington Capitals power forward was already suspended seven games earlier this season for a dirty, reckless head shot on Bruins defenseman Brandon Carlo, but this time it was Kuraly that got clocked in the third period of Sunday’s 6-3 win for the B’s at TD Garden.

Kuraly was engaged in a puck battle near the slot and had just released the puck toward the net when Wilson entered the picture and slammed into Kuraly. The lowered position of Kuraly’s head and Wilson’s elevated elbow made it all look pretty dangerous, but it was unclear if it was Wilson’s elbow or his hip that made hard contact with the back of Kuraly’s head.

Either way Kuraly had to exit the bench for a few minutes in the third after appearing dazed afterward and Wilson wasn’t whistled for a penalty at all following the collision. The only penalty at all was on Jarred Tinordi coming after Wilson for retribution following the violent collision between Kuraly and Wilson.

Similar to the Carlo hit, it was another example of Wilson predatorily jumping in as a third-man attacker on a pair of players that were already engaged in a puck battle. Bruce Cassidy said postgame he didn’t have a big issue with the Wilson play

“There’s a lot going on. It’s physical games with them,” said Cassidy. “There was actually a hit with [Charlie] McAvoy at the end of the second that was more bothersome. He’s up against the boards and [Alex Ovechkin] made contact with the head. And there was one on [Steve] Kampfer in the first period that was late. Those are the ones that bother you.



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“I think the Wilson one on Kuraly, he was on his way down and Wilson was just prepared to hit him. I think that was one of those incidental [contact plays] where there’s not much you can do once a guy starts tumbling down.”

Kuraly eventually returned to the game in the third period and appeared no worse for the wear, so there was good news at the conclusion of the dangerous situation.

Meanwhile, Wilson was somehow indignant when asked about it postgame despite injury countless opponents with dirty hits in his NHL career, and being somebody that’s slapped around by the NHL Department of Player Safety on a regular basis. He hasn’t earned the right to be incredulous at this point.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the only dangerous play as the on-ice officials appeared to lose control of the game with a number of non-calls, and it ended with Garnet Hathaway drilling Tinordi from behind into the corner boards. Tinordi was dazed and bloodied after a face-first crash into the dasher, and it took a video review for the referees to decide on a boarding major and game misconduct on Hathaway that finally ended his afternoon.

Should Wilson face another sentence from the NHL Player Safety department after his latest questionable, dangerous hit involving a Boston Bruins player? Stay tuned to see if anything happens this time around to a player in Wilson that’s racked up the suspensions and fines during his NHL career.

Joe Haggerty has covered the Boston Bruins and the NHL for 18 years with NBC Sports Boston,, the Boston Metro and the Woburn Daily Times, and currently serves as lead Bruins reporter and columnist for Boston Hockey Now. Haggs always strives to capture the spirt of the thing any way that he can.

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should be susspended for the season dirty player always gettin away with dirty hits wake up nhl

David J

This is hockey, a man’s game, snowflake boy!!


A man’s game. NOT A CAVEMAN’S GAME.

David J

Nothing reckless about it. The guy fell right in front of him and didn’t even miss a shift. The Bs need to quit laying on the ice every time someone hits them. What happened to the old Bruins style. They seem like a bunch of cry babies this year.


He deliberately targeted Kuraly’s head with his elbow. Here’s a clue for when you watch slow motion replays of bad hits: WATCH THE GUY’S EYES. If he looks at the guy’s head the whole time, while following through with his elbow…it’s deliberate. You can see the same thing on that 7-game-suspension-worthy hit on Carlo.
Look with your eyes. Not with your prejudice.


To follow up. Watch the video. Why was Wilson looking a Kuraly’s head, the whole time? This is hockey. The whole point is the puck. Where do you think he would’ve clocked Kuraly if he hadn’t gone down? Looks at his head then launches his elbow at his head as Kuraly goes down. Watch the video.

Mike S


[…] What’s the deal with Tom Wilson and dirty headshots? His latest victim is Boston Bruins Sean Kuraly. [Boston Hockey Now] […]

Ugly Moe

I always worry when I agree with Eddie Olczyk about a hit (i.e. the textbook boarding on Tinordi was his fault), but in this case I do. Kuraly was getting by his checkers, but he wasn’t getting by Wilson. He didn’t charge, he didn’t leave his feet, and he kept his elbows down. It was a hockey play that looked worse when Kuraly fell due to the uncalled trip.



Mike S

Are you serious? haha. Take the blinders off Haggs, this was nothing more then a incidental hockey play…


I was truly offended at how the announcers were defending Wilson on that play. But it seems pretty obvious that the Caps coaching staff has mandated that Wilson, Ovechkin and anybody else on the team take dirty shots and try to eliminate players from the opposition. The Blues did it on their Cup run, and were never called out for it. And the Capitals certainly seem to be following the same path. And as long as the victims are B*ttman’s most despised team: the Bruins, the league will look the other way. That hit on Tinordy wasn’t even called a… Read more »

Mike S

This is an over reaction, If Bettman hated the Bruins as you mentioned, they wouldn’t have been to the Stanley Cup finals 3 times in 10 years… Bruins bring in money, and Bettman loves money.

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