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Epic Sidney Crosby Embellishment In Saturday Bruins Win



Credit where it’s due to Pittsburgh Penguins center Sidney Crosby for one of the most dramatic high-sticking embellishments we’ve seen in recent memory.

It’s the kind that would make soccer players or WWE jobbers proud. It all happened in the final minutes of Saturday afternoon’s 7-5 Boston Bruins win over the Penguins as the B’s were clinging to a 6-5 lead late in the contest.

“It was right down to the bitter end to the last whistle,” said Bruce Cassidy of the nail-biting fashion of the game. “Maybe we needed a little bit of that today.”

The Penguins had just closed it to a one-goal game on a Crosby shorthanded strike, so Crosby sold the penalty call for a power play with gusto as he and Patrice Bergeron lined up for the draw at center ice.

Replays show Crosby’s stick first rode up on Bergeron and then Bergeron’s stick briefly came up on Sid, who then dramatically snapped his head back in the kind of move that almost always guarantees a penalty call when it’s one of the NHL’s superstars. Predictably the ref went up with the hand and Bergeron was hit with a four-minute high-sticking double-minor for a play that didn’t even look close to that level.



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In fact, if anything the refs missed an actual high-stick by David Krejci on Jared McCann during the same draw as Sid the Kid was going through his soccer-like histrionics at center ice.

As it turned out, the angling for a Penguins power play didn’t matter in the end as Brad Marchand potted an empty netter to finish off his hat trick in the high-powered victory and iced the winning effort against his fellow Nova Scotian in Crosby.

“It’s in the room,” said Bruce Cassidy of the goal-scoring outburst for the Boston Bruins. “It was all our top guys today. Obviously, you’re going to have games like this where, with the type of resumes that guys like Pastrnak, Krejci etc. have, I thought all of the goals that we scored were excellent. They were high-end plays by high-end players.”

But credit where it’s due to Sid the Kid for picking his spots with the 12 penalties that he’s drawn this season. It’s clearly not a surprise as Sid the Kid has been considered one of the preeminent “divers” in the league over the last 15 years. The NHL’s most recognizable superstar wasn’t afraid to go big with an epic head snap when he’s playing things up for a penalty call with a valuable two points on the line.

Joe Haggerty has covered the Boston Bruins and the NHL for 18 years with NBC Sports Boston,, the Boston Metro and the Woburn Daily Times, and currently serves as lead Bruins reporter and columnist for Boston Hockey Now. Haggs always strives to capture the spirt of the thing any way that he can.

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well, hes hit if you look closely


Apparently he was hit hard enough to draw blood, thus the 4 minutes instead of just 2.

Candace Roper

LOL. Great story and outstanding photos.


I could buy this story of it weren’t for the double minor. Smells like a homer writing this story.


It was a 4 minute penalty because the butt end cut him, so pretty sure the hit was hard enough to elicit a reaction. Ever been hit with a butt end or have you never played hockey a day in your life? It doesn’t feel great. Besides that, it’s definitely possible he reacted to ensure the call was made, which in today’s league almost ALL players do this, and if you’re being cut by a butt end you better make sure the call is made. You’re acting like he dove to get a call that shouldn’t have been made…foolish on… Read more »

Dwayne Richard

You don’t get 4 mins without drawing blood. You don’t draw blood without making significant contact. Seems like the reporter is the whiner this time.

Rich B

He barely butt ended him

BMW Bonn

Maybe being hit so hart with the butt end of a stick feels painful? He did draw blood so arguing he wasn’t hit at all seems foolish, Homer.

Ujn Hunter

So good that he can even bleed on demand…


Just because there is a penalty doesn’t mean there isn’t also a dive. It should have been a double minor for Bergeron and a single minor for Crosby. Crosby is a great player, but I can’t stand him because of the whining and diving.

Mike S

Say what you want… One of the best to do it for 15 years, numerous awards, 2 gold medals, 3 cups, etc…

Keith Mueller

He should be fined or suspended. He just made the refs look stupid.

Bob Lataille

This is a bad column. Yes, Sid throws his head back and makes a meal of it. But it was 4-minute penalty…so there was blood. Which means he WAS hit and cut. And to say “he wasn’t hit very hard at all” is just stupid. How do you know how hard it felt? A butt end of stick cut him immediately after it made contact. I don’t play in the NHL, but it seems that anything that cuts you would make you immediately react and you would instinctively jerk away from it. SMH. Like I said, this is a bad… Read more »

Ross Friars

Hmm Sidney Crosby and embellishment. Hasn’t anyone ever looked up the definition of embellishment, there’s a huge center fold picture of Sidney Crosby

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