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BHN Daily: Is Frederic Partly To Blame For Tom Wilson Hit On Carlo?



Boston Bruins

Is Boston Bruins rookie forward Trent Frederic partly to blame for his teammate Brandon Carlo suffering a concussion after a devastating hit from Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson?

Bruins fans’ instant reaction to that question is likely ‘Are you nuts?’ and then list a variety of valid reasons why such a theory is a stretch, to put it kindly. However, on Monday’s Sportsnet Hockey Central (a must-listen for every hockey fan), former NHLer, panel host, and FOBHN (friend of Boston Hockey Now), Anthony Stewart made what this scribe thinks was at least a valid argument that Frederic needs to be refreshed on some of the unwritten codes that as Stewart pointed out, still exist in today’s NHL.

You’ll recall, in the game, before Wilson hit Carlo in the Bruins’ 5-1 win Friday and was then subsequently suspended seven games by the NHL Department of Player Safety, Frederic decided that his prey for agitating would be Capitals captain and future hall of famer Alexander Ovechkin. That resulted in Ovechkin spearing Frederic in the nether regions and getting the max fine from the NDPS. It was crystal clear from the get-go Friday night, that Wilson wanted a piece of Frederic but even when Frederic obliged, the referees broke it up before anything could materialize. The Caps rugged winger also just missed on an open-ice hit attempt on Frederic. So, Wilson decided he’d go after any Bruin after that and he did.

“And he answered the bell twice,” Stewart said of Frederic. “So what are you [Wilson] going to do? You gonna do it again? If I’m Boston, leave it alone. Leave it alone and let’s get back to playing hockey now because there are some guys that can really, really hurt you and Tom Wilson is one of those guys too but if I’m Boston, I’m going to Frederic and like:

‘Hey! You can’t do that man. You can play hard; you can play tough, but play honest. And, there’s other guys that you want to go around and pick fights? Then go fight [Zdeno Chara], go fight Tom Wilson. I’m telling you now because something worse could’ve happened. A guy could’ve got hit from behind, a guy could’ve gotten drove into the ice.’

That’s what happens in the league and I’m just trying to give an inside look into the league because when I saw that happen, I was like ‘This is going to be bad, not just for Trent Frederic but somebody else is gonna get it.'”

That’s exactly what happened and Carlo is now sitting at home with a concussion. Stewart went on to remind co-hosts Jeff Marek and Justin Bourne what would’ve happened back in the day if a player went after Wayne Gretzky the way Frederic targeted Ovechkin.

“And again, I hate to see guys get hurt but Trent Frederic has some responsibility in this and that’s the thing,” Stewart said. “You still can’t just run around and there are still some unwritten rules in the game and going after the stars and trying to embarrass them, you cannot do that; I’m telling you, you cannot do that.”

Click here to listen to more of Stewart’s take on the hit and Frederic.


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With 20 years of experience (SiriusXM NHL Network Radio, ESPNBoston, NESN,, etc.) covering the Bruins, the NHL, NCAA and junior hockey and more, Jimmy Murphy’s hockey black book is full of Hall of Famers, current players, coaches, management, scouts and a wide array of hockey media personalities that have lived in and around this great game. For 17 of his 20 years as a hockey and sports reporter, Murph covered the Bruins on essentially a daily basis covering their victorious 2011 Stanley Cup run and their 2013 run to the Final as well. Murphy has hosted national and local radio shows and podcasts and also has experience in TV as well.

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mark anderson

I am sorry, this crap about star players not getting targeted. Rangers went after Pastarnak every time he touched the puck. If the code existed then he shouldnt be targeted. Unless the code says he has to have so many years in the league etc. To me this is an excuse to protect Wilson who is complete lowlife.

Rick W Murray

I was totally against Frederi to begin with I’m still not entirely sold on him but he’s beginning to grow on me. He’s not afraid of anybody will hit and fight anyone! And is actually starting to pop in a few goals here and there


Seems everyone has moved on from this except a few hockey writers!


Blaming Frederic in anyway for Tom Wilson’s violent and illegal hit against Carlo is absurd. This is the equivalent of blaming a crime on the victim because they acted in a way that made the criminal do something wrong. In the real situation Carlo did nothing wrong and Tom Wilson losing his mind is on Tom. If Wilson would have had a real suspension for his actions and empathy for those he injured we wouldn’t blame others for his actions. This type of analysis attempts to justify criminal behavior.

Mike S

This is fishing for a story, Murph….


Anthony Stewart is an idiot. Didn’t he watch the actual hockey game? The Bruins easily won and kept Ovechkin frustrated.. Frederic was part of that “ovi shutdown”..

Blaming anybody but Wilson is like blaming a women for the way she dresses .. and something horrible occurs after…

What Wilson did is just wrong.. there should be no discussion about “blaming” someone else….

You suck

what an absolutely terrible article and point of view

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