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BHN Daily: Pastrnak Wins MVP Of Lake Tahoe Weekend For Bruins



Boston Bruins

Is there any doubting that Boston Bruins game-breaker David Pastrnak was the MVP of last weekend’s outdoor games at the picturesque Lake Tahoe hockey rink?

Okay, so maybe some people might say Gritty after his wacky mascot hijinks, including him totally lighting up Blades during some good-natured frolicking in the Lake Tahoe snowfall.

But let’s be honest here: The hat trick, the Randy “Macho Man” Savage sunglasses and the postgame press conference where he lamented that he had to talk to the media instead of dancing with his teammates to “Barbie Girl” while dressing in 1990’s gear?

In other words, Pasta took over the Lake Tahoe weekend and showed the entire NHL world exactly what makes the 24-year-old Boston Bruins winger such a treasure with the Black and Gold.

A stick salute to No. 88 for his 10th career hat trick before his 25th birthday and some amazingly select company that puts him in with at this point.

He also has 59 goals and 113 points in his last 82 games, which would be a hell of a season for anybody in this day and age.

So now Pastrnak has nine goals in nine games this season along with nine points and is already pushed into the top-10 in the NHL in goals despite missing the first few weeks of the season. And No. 88 has once again put on a show for the Bruins at the NHL’s marquee event in this most strange of regular seasons.

What will he do for an encore next time?

Now on to the puck links:

*FOH (Friend of Haggs) Dom Amore tells the people of Hartford not to get upset about the Carolina Hurricanes wearing the Hartford Whalers green during the reverse retro craze. I agree with your sentiment, Don, but good luck getting that across to the diehard Whale fans. (Hartford Courant)

*After a big outdoor win on Sunday night at Lake Tahoe, you can’t shake the feeling that there’s something special with these Boston Bruins. (Boston Hockey Now)

*Speaking of the Bruins, it was a nice tribute by B’s head coach Bruce Cassidy to wear the scally cap given to him by Doc Emrick as the legendary play-by-play man was honored this weekend with an outstanding NBC documentary about his life. Don’t miss if you weren’t able to catch it on Sunday.

*Let’s also give the NHL credit for rebounding from a rough Saturday at Lake Tahoe with the lengthy delay and crushing the late Sunday game between the Bruins and Flyers. It was hockey nirvana once the sun began to set following the first period of play, and something the participants, and viewers, will remember forever.

*Cool piece from FOH Amanda Stein on New Jersey Devils center Travis Zajac reaching his 1,000th game played with the Devils. (

*Speaking of excellent pieces, here’s a great one from VHN colleague Willie Ramirez on Golden Knights tough guy Ryan Reaves’ standing as a role model in the Vegas community. (Vegas Hockey Now)

*The 20 Questions with Paul Maurice features a really interesting take on why the Winnipeg Jets head coach doesn’t have a twitter account. I know many NHL coaches don’t have twitter accounts, but you can’t convince me that they don’t have some kind of burner account where they at least monitor what’s going on. (The Athletic)

*For something completely different: It was Agatha All Along is the song of the year as far as I’m concerned.

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