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BHN Puck Links: Jan. 6-8 NHL Return Possible? NHLPA Right To Be Mad



Boston Bruins

Could the NHL and NHLPA actually find common ground in time for an NHL Return somewhere between Jan. 6-8? 

In order for that to happen, one of our National Hockey Now sites says the owners have to admit their mistake and as others have pointed out, that mistake was expecting fans to be back in the stands so soon.

That, a not so promising outlook for the Bruins in the next three years and much more in your daily Boston Hockey Now Puck Links!

In a recent Sportsnet interview with Elliotte Friedman, Chris Johnston and host David Amber, Friedman said his ‘educated guess’ is that the NHL Return will take place between Jan. 6-8 despite the current labor strife between the owners and the NHLPA. (Sportsnet)

If Friedman’s prediction has any chance of becoming a reality, our colleague Tom Callahan says that the owners must admit they are completely in the wrong for trying to renege on the CBA they and the nHLPA agreed upon just five months ago. As Callahan pointed out, the owners and NHLPA signed that CBA almost four months after the Coronavirus pandemic began to ravage the world and the NHL paused it’s season as a result. They should’ve forecasted the financial ruin that they’d still be in now. I agree with Tom wholeheartedly and it’s a shame the players will be cast as the villains here. This won’t help the chances of an NHL Return. (Vegas Hockey Now)

As sports finance columnist Eric Macramalla noted recently, the owners somehow figured fans would be back in the stands for a December NHL Return and didn’t account for the COVID case and death rates to rise with a second wave, astronomically in the USA as it turns out. This miscalculation is why they’re taking the drastic measure of asking for money from the players. (Forbes)

OK, enough labor strife talk! Let’s talk some hockey, shall we?

Well, this won’t exactly cheer Boston Bruins fans up but as mentioned here by Joe Haggerty and me on numerous occasions, the Boston Bruins talent pool is not as deep as we were all led to believe by Bruins management and some local media. The Bruins ranked near the bottom in terms of prospect depth in a power ranking for teams that forecasted where each team would be in the 2023-24 season. (The Athletic)

Speaking of tough Bruins news, Boston Bruins defenseman Charlie McAvoy on Torey Krug signing with the St. Louis Blues: “It [Expletive] sucks!” (Boston Hockey Now)

Are the Pittsburgh Penguins about to add a blue-chip prospect that went ninth overall in the 2018 NHL Entry Draft? (Pittsburgh Hockey Now)

Does one of the best power forwards in the NHL need a bodyguard? Friend of BHN Sheng Peng explains why up and coming enforcer Kurtis Grabriel could be an important factor in how many goals Kane can score for the San Jose Sharks this season. (San Jose Hockey Now)

Finally, Monday marks ten years since a Buffalo sports media legend passed away. Jim Kelley not to be confused for the Buffalo Bills hall of fame quarterback – was a throwback and a source of ever-lasting and comical stories. I had the pleasure of getting to know Jim in my early years as a puck scribe and I’m a better reporter and man for it! Mike Harrington remembers Jim. (Buffalo News

For Murph’s Music Pick Of The Day, I’m going to start featuring lesser-known bands that I know. Bands that don’t have millions to lay back on while the concert scene is on hold. The bands that play for the love of the game grind it out chasing the dream. So here’s a great Irish punk band I highly suggest going to see when we’re allowed back at concerts! The Peelers from Montreal, Quebec. 


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