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BHN Puck Links: Is Money Delaying NHL Return To Play?



Money makes the world go round and make no mistake money will be the determining factor in whether or not league owners and players can make an NHL Return To Play happen again. 

Can the 2020-21 season survive the latest labor strife between the NHL and NHLPA at the worst possible time? 

How hard has Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs been hot by the pandemic?

The NHL still has many rivers to cross when it comes to racial injustice.

That and more in the latest Boston Hockey Now Puck Links!

Just as the NHL and NHLPA began their efforts in earnest to have a 2020-21 season, the owners dropped a rather expected grenade on the process and left NHL players wondering what happened to the goodwill that was shown when the two sides hammered out a new collective bargaining agreement back in July. That rather peaceful negotiating also led to the NHL Return To Play and a Stanley Cup being awarded in 2020. 

In the latest ‘Off The Record,’ I had prominent sources hinting that this may happen and sure enough, the owners want a mulligan on that agreement and as Larry Brooks reports, the players are not happy. (New York Post)

Ken Campbell, who like Larry Brooks, is very connected to the NHLPA, delves deeper into the frustration within the NHLPA, who continue to get played by the owners. (Sports Illustrated)

One of the reasons the NHL owners are trying to renege on the CBA and get a do-over is that not only are small-market teams bleeding money but the hawks, like Jeremy Jacobs are getting smacked by the pandemic. (Boston Hockey Now)

Unfortunately, every time the NHL takes a step forward in improving racial and social justice it takes a step back after being reminded how much work there is to do. Rick Westhead, one of the best investigative reporters not just in the NHL but in any field of reporting, reports of a whistleblower on racism amongst NHL officials being fired for doing the right thing. (TSN

Like many NHLers, the Ottawa Senators are realizing that the 2020-21 NHL Return To Play will very likely not commence on January 1. For a team that hasn’t played since losing to the Los Angeles Kings on March 11, the night before the NHL paused the 2019-20 regular season, the Senators are wondering when they may actually take the ice at Canadian Tire Centre again? (Ottawa Sun)

Friend of BHN Tom Callahan examines why the Vegas Golden Knights are a serious contender for the 2021 Stanley Cup should it eventually be awarded. (Vegas Hockey Now)

Finally, for Murph’s Music Pick Of The Day, we honor a man that fought hard for racial justice, the late Massachusetts Senator Bobby Kennedy who would’ve been 95 today. From my mates Black 47:



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L Train

Yeah Kennedy lover Murphy, RFK was a great man, fighting for racial justice. Of course, he was also an anti-semite and homophobe but who’s counting.

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