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BHN Puck Links: Imagine A Boston Bruins-Montreal Canadiens Cup Final!



Kevan Miller

Imagine a Boston Bruins-Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup Final? One longtime puck scribe in Toronto thinks this is the time to make that a possibility!

Boston Bruins fans are frustrated with their team’s lack of activity this offseason and that frustration may boil over if Zdeno Chara leaves town via unrestricted free agency. 

All that and more in the latest edition of Boston Hockey Now Puck Links!

Veteran Canadian sports columnist Damien Cox thinks that maybe this is the time to make things really fun and interesting should the NHL and NHLPA be able to pull off the 2021 regular season and Stanley Cup Playoffs. With everyone needing a distraction from reality these days and just somewhere to channel their emotions in a positive way, Cox suggests a USA-Canada Stanley Cup Final?

The logistics would be tough but I gotta say, I absolutely love this idea! As an American, this would be the only way any USA team with NHLers, beats Canada. …sorry fellow Yanks but it’s true! On top of that it gives us a 50/50 chance to see the Stanley cup return to the country that cares about it the most! Trust me, I lived in Montreal for two years and this country will rally around any of the seven Canadian NHL teams to hoist Lord Stanley. For Bruins and Habs fans, how’s a Boston-Montreal Stanley Cup Final sound? (Toronto Star)

If the responses in the debut edition of the Boston Hockey Now version of ‘Hagg Bag’ is any indication, Boston Bruins fans are frustrated at the fact that Craig Smith, and a re-signed Jakub Zboril and Kevan Miller are basically all Boston Bruins General Manager Don Sweeney has to show for the offseason. Joe Haggerty addresses that and a variety of questions from Bruins fans. (Boston Hockey Now)

Are Boston Bruins fans about to get even more frustrated? Could their captain since 2006 be signing with another team? That’s been the scuttlebutt for the last couple of weeks and I reached out to Zdeno Chara’s agent Matt Keator on Friday to see what the deal really was? (Boston Hockey Now)

I highly recommend it if you get the chance to tune into TSN 690 at 5:05 every Monday-Friday and listen to my good friend and a guy I’m always grateful to for giving me a chance on-air, Mitch Melnick! Mitch – along with Mitch Gallo and Joey Alfieri – interview NHL On NBC Between The Glass analyst, and friend of BHN, Pierre McGuire in that slot. On so many occasions Mitch and Pierre have advocated for NHL Scouts to be eligible for the Hockey Hall of Fame and I couldn’t agree more! Hall of fame puck scribe Eric Duhatschek penned a brilliant column on the topic that needs more attention. (The Athletic)

There’s been growing chatter amongst the NHLPA that the NHL is about to ask them to take an even beating than the one they’re already taking from the owners. With a shortened season upon us, if all goes well, the NHL is expected to ask the players to defer even more money from their salaries this season to compensate for the certain financial beatings the owners themselves are already feeling. From the sounds of this Larry Brooks column, one has to wonder if the pandemic isn’t the only thing that may prevent us from seeing a 2021 NHL season? (New York Post)

For Murph’s Music Pick of the day on the first November Saturday where it actually feels like November, we send a happy birthday out to one of the greatest drummers in my lifetime, Travis Barker!


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