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BHN Puck Links: Boston Bruins Legend Bobby Orr Losing Fans



A Boston Bruins fan let Bobby Orr know why he doesn’t endorse Orr as a person anymore and is Charlie McAvoy really a Top 10 defenseman already?

The NHL news cycle is starting to grind to a halt but we here at Boston Hockey Now and the National Hockey Now network won’t stop cranking out content and we will continue to find external hockey content for you as well here on Boston Hockey Now Puck Links.

Here’s today’s BHN Puck Links from around the league!

Boston Bruins legend and arguably the greatest player ever, Bobby Orr continues to deal with the fallout from his full-page ad in the Manchester Union Leader endorsing Donald Trump. Orr is losing plenty of longtime fans and one fan decided to do the same thing Orr did to let the hall of famer know why.

Is 22-year-old Boston Bruins defenseman Charlie McAvoy already a Top 10 defenseman in the NHL? The NHL Network thinks so

The NHL trade and free agent market is clogged thanks to the flattened salary cap and the pandemic but could the expansion Seattle Kraken end up benefiting most from the NHL financial climate

Speaking of the NHL Expansion Draft, our man Dan Kingerski over at Pittsburgh Hockey Now urges the Pittsburgh Penguins to use the Kraken to unload cap space. 

In his latest Sunday Notes, Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe thinks the Arizona Coyotes made a bad situation even worse with their handling of prospect Mitchell Miller and his racial and bullying transgressions.

Are the Colorado Avalanche about to pay homage to their original franchise with their Reverse Retro jerseys? Avalanche forward Mikko Rantanen appears to have let the Goulet out of the bag as Adrian Dater of Colorado Hockey Now pointed out.

Speaking of retro, that’s where we go with Murph’s Music Pick Of The Day as the Beastie Boys will release an assortment of unreleased tracks and some old hits from their punk and hardcore days. Enjoy! 

With 20 years of experience (SiriusXM NHL Network Radio, ESPNBoston, NESN,, etc.) covering the Bruins, the NHL, NCAA and junior hockey and more, Jimmy Murphy’s hockey black book is full of Hall of Famers, current players, coaches, management, scouts and a wide array of hockey media personalities that have lived in and around this great game. For 17 of his 20 years as a hockey and sports reporter, Murph covered the Bruins on essentially a daily basis covering their victorious 2011 Stanley Cup run and their 2013 run to the Final as well. Murphy has hosted national and local radio shows and podcasts and also has experience in TV as well.

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Such fascist snowflakes. They are everything they claim to be against


I now respect Paul Scott a hell of a lot more than Orr. I used to love watcihng Orr play. Now I realize that hitting a puck wth a wooden stick does not an intelligent man make. Shame on Orr for exposing himself as being no better than the dolt who is “his friend.”


Orr was the best
what good are you?

Jeff Dwyer

Orr was the best defenseman, yes. And we thought he was the nicest guy. He still was the best defenseman ever. Nice guy? Nope. He supports a cowardly white supremacist criminal bully with the emotional and intellectual maturity of a child.
Sad, because I really liked Orr.


Another uninformed…. mainstream media watcher, I see


Need a tissue?

Ross mcmillan

Need a box to plug your mouth when you should have been wearing a mask


Go to your safe space and pull the blanky up and weep


could you be any more moronic?

Jeff Dwyer

Actually, he was spot on.

Jim Johnson

I for one will always be proud to say, ” Number 4….Bobby Orr”.!


They are not true fans if they are offended by Bobby Orr’s opinion . You love the guy because he was /is / and always will be the greatest hockey player ever , not because he endorses someone !


How about “Number 4 … Bobby NO-M-Orr”. What a loser, you and him both!

Scott L Bensink

To lose fans over Presidential support is stupid and the fans he is “quote” losing are simple minded fools.

BOBBY ORR #4 rules


People ar idiots


Starting with Orr and you gonad

Rick W Murray

I will always love Orr he’s best NHL player of all time. I was little miffed he’s for a racist, and pathological liar, After Tuesday trumps history anyway


More butthurt crybabies who can’t deal with someone who doesn’t think like they do. Get over it. He is still the greatest player ever and an even better human being. How many of those trashing him now have done a fraction of the good things he has done for the public at large?


As for McAvoy’s rating, I would put him right be behind Seth Jones. Makar shouldn’t even be on the list, at least not yet.


Orr will still be my favorite dman but Bobby step back and remember Alan eagleson! Did you learn nothing?

Phil Brown

I thought USA was land of the free, home of the brave. These peeps criticizing are not fans and are the biggest problem there. The cancel culture if you have an opinion different than there’s your the enemy.


Still the best defensemen ever



Ross mcmillan

Bobby one to mean hits to the head




“One to mean” wtf does that even mean?? Other than you doubling down on being a moron

Last edited 2 years ago by Starr00
Scott Thomson

Heart Broken…my all time favorite Hockey player…I’m a 60’s kid…we all wanted to be Bobby Orr…I played Competitive hockey till my knee’s and desire gave out…never made the show…but always a Bobby Orr fan…I am stumped by this….Trump has made the USA the laughing stock of the World…There has never been a worse leader..Trump is for no one else but himself…


Bobby Orr is a legend and no snowflake liberal getting all butt hurt is worthy enough to carry his water


Can Trump supporters ever respond without resorting to labels and name calling? It’s pretty pathetic.


When did it become fashionable to loath and reject people because of their politics?? Maybe when our universities stopped teaching and started preaching an agenda and how awful America is. I have met and worked with Orr. He is the most humble professional athlete I have ever met. He is not a loud mouth, bring attention to himself type of guy. He has class and integrity and if you don’t like him because of his politics then you have the problem not Orr. Did he badmouth Biden? Did he attack or insult anyone?? He voiced his opinion and all of… Read more »

John MacLean

It’s always been “fashionable” to go after people for their opinions, Dc. This is an interesting piece from a past issue of the Wharton Magazine: . It seems that Scott Nearing, a teacher, was significant in the development of tenure systems at schools. The article describes tenure as allowing “established professors to pursue research topics without worrying where their results take them.” He was among the ‘Wharton Eight’ who lost there jobs because of their positions on child labor. Later he lost another position due to his stance against World War One.


I think #4 endorsement of POTUS just gained way more fans. Love him even more now. Best player ever.


Makes me love Bobby even more!

Patrick J Walsh

What a great man Bobby Orr is!

Just like Trump he will grow in popularity because he tells the truth!

Last edited 2 years ago by Patrick J Walsh

Way to go Bobby, you are still number one and still make the smart moves. Too many people are watching the fake news and allowing their minds to be twisted and their judgements impaired. People that don’t tolerate freedom of expression and opinions are simple minded idiots who can’t think for themselves.


Bobby Orr should just keep out of politics. Why is he doing this now? He didn’t do it in 2016. Most hockey fans don’t care who he supports. Unfortunately most fans don’t know him. Its not going to change anyone’s mind. His fan base are now in their late 50’s and older. Its older guys like myself who are trying to keep his name relevant. There is no game I would rather watch than a Bruins game in the early 70’s. Why piss off half of them off. No purpose.

Peter Karas

So sad that a sports legend gets trashed for making a simple choice in a free democracy. I guess someone who has shown sportsmanship integrity and honor all their life not to mention the charitable aspects they have done behind the scenes gets thrown under the bus so easily. What kind if world do we live in ?

Liz Arsenault

Bobby Orr, sad to say but I really think standing behind a person like D.Trump was So Wrong
In So Many Ways.
It is Shameful that a person’s views can be so
Off base .
So sorry for this man Mr Bobby Orr.
He has just lost alot of the Respect people had for him .
By standing behind Donald Trump (president )
Such a shame.
I have lost my respect for Mr. ORR.

Last edited 2 years ago by Liz Arsenault
Jeff Dwyer

He lost me, that’s for sure. I’ll always think he was the greatest defenseman ever, and a genuine nice guy. He just took the ‘nice guy’ facade and broke it.




Did Bobby Orr get paid to endorse Thrump, I hope he gets more than $50. that Trump often gives to people to attend rallies. Also if money is more important to him than his morality and reputation, its sad.


Attaboy Bobby Orr. Trump rocks & Makes America Great Again. Bobby Orr has lots of fans w/o the flakes that believe fake news.


No argument that Orr was the best Hockey Player. That dosen’t mean you care about the middle class. The less fortunate. People of color. People who will loose health care. I am a veteran who served in a war zone. So people could express there opinion. But I dont have to like it. So you window breathers can call me what you like. But Bobby your off my hero list. Never thought I’d say this but your off my hero list. Go Canadians.


Free speech keep up the good work bobby orr

Canadian Pug

Being hated by the people who criticize Bobby Orr is a badge of distinction. I live to be hated by those losers. These fools couldn’t lace his skates properly and the nerve they have criticizing him, after all he is done for hockey and for Canada is outrageous.

Dr Craig Knight

Yep. He WAS the only childhood hero and entertainment person I held in high regard. However, not anymore, as I always thought he had a healthy sense of character based on virtue, especially due to the fact he grew up in a rural northern Ontario town and played for the OG’s in my home town. Now, I do not see him in this light at all. In fact, he has become a spoiled and wealthy caucasian hockey player/agent who is protecting his own elitist needs. He overtly expressed support for a man who has a pathetic and dangerous character type… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Dr Craig Knight
Rick W Murray

Some good friends of mine are faithful to the republican cause! We never discuss politics cause anytime we did. It evolved into near physical violence. They are successful businessmen so they are not mentally deficient. I’m not endorsing Orr’s endorsement of Trump
especially the full page add. I remember watching him as a kid and I’ve never seen anything before or since like him on the ice. I just can’t dislike the guy, but I can understand some people going against him because of this.

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