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‘It’s Always Gonna Sting’ Bruins Heinen Opens Up



Danton Heinen is one of many returning Boston Bruins who has an extra burden on his shoulders this camp. Like his teammates, Heinen returns to Boston having come up one win short of winning his first Stanley Cup. After a short summer with a different training regime, Heinen is back in town. His mind has not forgotten last season.

“Getting back, it brings back memories and its definitely tough. I think It’s always gonna sting, it’s just. . .you just. . .it makes you kind of hungry to get back on the ice and get back at it,” said Heinen. The young forward has never been through something like this in his professional career. It’s a new challenge to turn the page after coming so close.

Luckily for him, Heinen has multiple teammates who have come up short before in the Final. He’s gotten plenty of advice from them and others who have been through this nightmare. “A few guys that I’ve talked to that have gone through it just say its, you know, its more the mental aspect of it and kind of turning the switch and kind of putting it behind you and just focusing on this year,” Heinen told the media when asked if he got any advice.

Heinen also told reporters that he took some time away from the ice this summer, no doubt to reset his mind after the loss.

Heinen has another burden to bear, missed chances. Especially in the final, Heinen had numerous chances to score but couldn’t finish off plays. That can weight on a player, even when they try to turn the page.

“I think usually I’m a guy that does that,” Heinen responded when asked if he dwells on those chances. “You just try not to too much and try to, you know there’s so many games you try to flip the switch and forget about it and move forward. But I think in a situation like that in the playoffs, the whole run, especially the finals it does seem a lot like a blur. You’re just, you’re so engulfed in it and you’re so, I guess, everything is so magnified and after you kind of have a second and look back and remember things. As it’s going on you’re just focused. It’s a blur.”

Heinen was quite adamant that he didn’t want to dwell on chances missed, following up on the question. “For me personally I don’t wanna look back on what ifs and different situations like that, because you can’t change it now and we just gotta move forward.”

Heinen won’t have time to dwell. He’ll be tasked with competing for a top-nine forward spot in camp, which starts the on-ice portion later this morning. He’s also got a chance to move up the lineup and claim a second line role. Heinen will have to take his own advice to heart and flip the switch. It’s time to compete once again.

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