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Jeremy Jacobs On Review: “We Could See Real Changes”



Boston Bruins Chairman Jeremy Jacobs, along with CEO Charlie Jacobs and President Cam Neely, spoke to the Boston media at TD Garden on Tuesday afternoon. Jacobs, one of the most influential owners in the league, was asked early about the officiating in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Bruins, of course, were on the short end of a missed call that led to the game winner in Game 5 at TD Garden.

“I think we’re a professional sport, and I think we suffer what all professional sports are trying to get done” began the longtime Owner. “We’re trying to be perfect without interfering with the game. We try and make all the correct judgments, and it’s clear that we’re not there yet.”

Jacobs admitted his comments on the officiating were “pretty vague” but he stayed the course by saying “I’m going to stay that way.”

As one of the most influential owners in the league, when Jacobs elects to speak, people listen. When asked about expanded video review, Jacobs admitted that what we know now isn’t likely to be the reality next season.

“I think we can see some real changes,” he said. “I’m hopeful that we do it better in a very quick way. It’s important that the game not be interrupted, but at what cost.”

The league has recently come under fire from fans and media for the amount of time offside and goaltender interference reviews take.

Bruins’ President Cam Neely, like his boss, didn’t take the time to bash the officials. Neely was the most visibly emotional after the missed call in Game 5, caught on camera throwing a water bottle at the press box wall.

“I think everybody sees what we all see as far as the officiating goes, and unfortunately, you’re going to have human error” began Neely. “There are so many camera angles now, and there are so many replays that you can see things the referees missed, but that is going to happen from time to time. They’re going to miss some calls and make the wrong call at times.”

Jacobs may be hinting at something when it comes to changes to video review. The NHL/NHLPA Competition Committee met last week in Toronto and made numerous recommendations. Included was the expansion of video review. Vegas Golden Knights owner Bill Foley, after a call against his team in Game 7 of the First Round, said in April that he would push for expanded replay at the upcoming Board of Governors meeting.

The NHL General Managers will meet on June 20th and could discuss the possibility of expanded video review as well.

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